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Project Details

  • Region: Sweden & UK
  • Industry: IT Services & IT Consulting
  • Sub-Sector: Adtech
  • Size of company: 55 employees
Brightbid Case Study

About the customer

BrightBid is a rapidly growing AdTech company utilising AI and human expertise to create more refined Google Ads recommendations for businesses to drive customer acquisition. Combined with BrightBid’s marketing and sales expertise, its AI and human-led offering enables companies to compete, seeing at least a 35% increase in conversions on average. Founded in 2020, BrightBid is well in the top 10% of fastest-growing SaaS companies globally and has achieved over 500,000 conversions for its 400 customers.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Brightbid were looking for a smarter quoting solution to manage their subscription based pricing. They also wanted the benefits of Sales Cloud for working with Opportunities and being able to forecast and see information in reports in real time. They also needed a way to handle onboarding and offboarding activities and data.

Business Requirements included:

  • Customer Relationship Management (Sales cloud)
  • Enhanced visual data reporting (Reports and dashboards)
  • Manual processes to be automated to enhance user adoption
  • Implementation of CPQ
  • Creation of Onboarding and Offboarding objects and automated tasks

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Bright Bid:


  • Ability to efficiently manage lead, contact account and opportunity data
  • Successful implementation of end to end sales process through lead conversion and opportunity management
  • CPQ with Contracts and Subscriptions and Advanced Approvals, and Docusign Esign tool with Contracts
  • Custom object to track Onboarding and Offboarding activities
  • Advanced formulas embedded into the system to calculate working day weighted revenue across all opportunities
  • Ability to build custom reporting to enhance data analytics 
  • Successful implementation of validation rules to enhance data integrity

Length of Project

36 Days

Quote from the customer

Ignyto has been great with helping us set up Salesforce and CPQ. Great communication from start to end and the eagerness to follow up after the project has ended has been key to making us succeed in Salesforce.

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