Entrepreneur First

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Entrepreneur First

Project Details

  • Region: UK
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Sub-Sector: Business Services
  • Size of company: 100 employees
  • Website: Entrepreneur First
Entrepreneur First

About the customer

Entrepreneur First (EF) identifies and invests in exceptional individuals, helps people meet their co-founders, and builds startups from scratch. They bring together and fund exceptional individuals to help them meet their co-founder, develop an idea and raise money from leading investors – as fast as possible. The companies built at EF are now worth over $10B. 

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Business Requirements and Customer Challenges:

  • Marketing solution to ensure consistent customer communications and tailored marketing journeys which aligned with EF’s campaigns
  • Being able to log and track all of their current and new leads and targets for their multiple cohorts across multiple geographical locations
  • A centralised system to enable the EF team to monitor all applications, provide feedback and onboard people onto their cohorts with ease
  • An easy way for the EF team to view applicant and candidate data whilst on the move
  • A system which is future-proof and can be expanded as the business moves more processes onto Salesforce as they scale
  • Receive alerts to their Slack messaging channels to keep the EF informed on candidate progress
  • A simple way to identify their top candidates

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following solutions for Entrepreneur First:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  • Slack Integration


  • Ability to communicate effectively with candidates via easy-to-use marketing solutions
  • Customised platform, branded to EF and set up in a way which ensures it is future-proof and scalable
  • System configuration included lead, candidate account and application management
  • A simple process to allow the EF team to log multiple types of feedback about candidates throughout all stages of the application process
  • Automation built to help the team manage data compliance in line with GDPR
  • Mobile app configuration to allow the team to use the system from anywhere
  • Automated processes to help improve team efficiency, e.g. candidate onboarding
  • Data migration of all historical data (including leads, accounts, applications and feedback)

Length of Project (Days)

88.4 days

Quote from the customer

“Working with Ignyto has been excellent in helping our business transition into using Salesforce CRM for managing relationships with exceptional talent. We’re a fast-moving business so we really appreciated their ability to work flexibly and respond quickly to our changing needs. The training and guidance from the Ignyto team was fantastic.

Lauren Alie,Product Analyst

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