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Project Details

  • Region: UK, Dublin, USA
  • Industry: Software Development
  • Size of company: 200 employees

About Glantus

Glantus uses solutions and technology to assist companies in unlocking the potential within their Accounts Payable to drive real-time profitability, performance and progress.  This is achieved through end-to-end, human-friendly AP solutions that layer onto existing systems to bring down costs and reduce complexity whilst delivering new revenue streams. Ignyto helped implement Salesforce Salescloud, Pardot and Salesforce CPQ.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Following multiple acquisitions, Glantus required a centralised system which would serve Sales, Marketing, Finance and Compliance departments. This system would be utilised daily by these teams in order to help improve efficiency and create one unified way of working with a 360 degree view of customer data.

Business Requirements included:

  • Marketing solution to ensure consistent customer communications and branded forms to capture customer information in-line with GDPR
  • Being able to associate assets and prospects to campaigns to produce detailed reports on marketing ROI
  • Lead pipeline management which made it easy to qualify data
  • Create multiple sales processes to allow the sales team to track and progress sales with ease
  • Complex product management which included the ability to add discounts and create product bundles
  • Approval process for applying discounts
  • Configure validation and automation throughout the sales pipeline to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • A way to log and track customer product surveys to assist operation teams
  • Reporting solution to track marketing, sales and product performance throughout the entire system
  • Data compliance processes which were inline with GDPR
  • Build a scalable structure that can be further enhanced in future phases

Ignyto Product Overview:

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Glantus:


  • Ability to communicate effectively externally with customers via easy to use marketing solutions
  • Branded forms to capture Glantus customer data and create a validated lead funnel
  • Sales and product processes, validation, approval processes in place to enforce best practices and monitor ongoing pipeline
  • Marketing dashboards detailing campaign performance and ROI
  • Forecasting and reporting to provide an accurate overview of all areas of business performance
  • Internal system and email alerts to the appropriate parties to ensure timely task completion
  • Automated and manual processes to help manage data compliance in-line with GDPR

Length of Project

86 Days

Quote from the customer

“Ignyto were a dream to work with from the outset of the project. From requirements gathering to workshop facilitation, playback sessions to user testing, and data migration to training, they provided the best guidance and proactive communication to do the best job possible. Utilising deft communication, issues identified were seamlessly dealt with throughout the lifetime of the project and Ignyto did an excellent job of keeping all stakeholders engaged throughout the process.

One of the key elements of partnership in delivering a project of this magnitude and complexity was budget management and Ignyto repeatedly shone in working with Glantus to balance requirements with cost and in all respects acted as a trusted partner with our client needs as a priority.

Overall, the team were approachable, flexible, expert, and always engaged over the project life cycle and delivered the best possible outcomes on or ahead of schedule. The approach was always collaborative and flexible and every Ignyto team member was a joy to work with, no matter what the project stage or challenges were at the time.

I unreservedly recommend Ignyto as Salesforce and Pardot implementation partners – they are the best in the business!”

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