Kora Healthcare

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Project Details

  • Region: UK and Ireland
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Sub Sector: Pharma
  • Size of company: 45 staff

About the customer

Kora Healthcare is a healthcare company with core competencies across Research, Development & Innovation, Scientific & Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance, Quality, Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales, Finance and Customer Services. All departments are led from their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland with UK sales and marketing operations located in York, UK. Kora focus on producing medicines that treat or manage secondary conditions arising from, relating to and complicated by underlying serious, chronic and long-term diseases, medicines that treat or manage conditions related to sexual and reproductive health in both women and men and healthcare products that manage or treat common conditions that can be self-treated or managed with the assistance of healthcare professionals.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Kora CEO, Conor O’Daly, was struggling to see which Kora products were at which stage of the on formulary process, which were on formulary with each of the various health boards, hospitals, trusts and clinics throughout Ireland and the UK and which were not. The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and the process of getting new medication on formulary is quite detailed, very labour intensive and time consuming as paper-based forms are used exclusively. These forms are filled out, signed, scanned and subsequently emailed to various parties throughout the process. There are usually a lot of follow ups required making it a very slow, repetitive and frustrating process for the Kora team.

Product Overview

Ignyto implemented the following:

  • Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition to allow Kora staff to keep on top of and engage with all contacts and accounts at all / appropriate times. Use of Chatter notifications, automated task creation / logging and email notifications to internal staff and external stakeholders
  • Customised the opportunities object in Salesforce to allow the management of the on formulary process for better tracking, collaboration, compliance and visibility
  • Text and email notification of on formulary progress / status changes in real time by leveraging the Process Builder capability and email templates
  • Salesforce Inbox implemented to ensure a full log of communications was kept for all customers at all times


  • Vastly improved visibility across the UK and Irish market, with real time on formulary progress updates.
  • Far more efficient and consistent management of the on formulary process resulting in a 50% reduction in the average time taken to complete the process.
  • Compliance issues reduced by 20%.

Legacy or replaced system

Outlook, Excel and Word documents

Quote from the customer

“Ignyto were integral to the re-development and implementation on our Salesforce platform. As a pharma company, marketing and selling within our heavily regulated and adoption-led sales processes with multiple stakeholders, design to roll-out can be challenging and complex. With the guidance and support of Ignyto, our sales process is now opportunity led, resulting in sales closing faster and shorter deal cycles than ever before.”

Salesforce products implemented

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Inbox
  • Chatter

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