Longart Consulting

Posted by: Ryan Groves
Category: Case Studies, Professional Services, Sales Cloud

Project Details

  • Region: UK
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Sub Sector: Consultancy
  • Size of company: 5 Employees

About the customer

Longart Consulting prepares and delivers executive management programmes in various business-related courses at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels; to consulting business; with particular emphasis on digital marketing, word-of-mouth, or general business advice.
Longart Consulting provides strategic research and advice to businesses of all sizes and offer the best in class knowledge of consumer behaviour to help their clients achieve their business objectives.


Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Longart Consulting needed a tool to manage leads captured through a form on their website. Once qualified, the lead needs to be converted to an Account, Contact & Opportunity. 

The ability to manage the opportunity lifecycle & forecasting were also key requirements.

Management needed a way to analyse data to help understand which services were generating the greatest interest and reasons for opportunity losses.

Business Requirements included:

  • Setup Website Contact Us form to ensure all enquiries are entered automatically into Salesforce.
  • Conversion of Qualified Leads to Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities.
  • Track opportunities stages
  • Track Sales Targets and Quotas
  • KPI Dashboards

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Longart Consulting:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Web-to-Lead
  • Lead Conversion
  • Opportunity Lifecycle Management
  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Integration between Salesforce and Outlook



  • Greater visibility of the types of services requested by customers
  • Dashboard to track KPIs
  • Greater visibility of reasons for lost opportunities
  • Visibility of Opportunity Pipeline


Length of Project (Days)

30 days

Quote from the customer

“For companies like ours, completely new to Sales automation and Salesforce in particular, using the system for the first time is daunting.
Bal in Ignyto guided us through the whole process quite smoothly. Great in customer service and quite knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions from our team. Thanks Bal and Alex our account manager for your support.”

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