Roger Dyson

Posted by: Ryan Groves
Category: Case Studies, Financial Services, Sales Cloud

Project Details

  • Region: UK
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Sub Sector: Automotive  
  • Size of company: 100 Employees

About the customer

Roger Dyson is a leading UK recovery vehicles manufacturer who operates across the whole of the UK. They deliver the build and sales of quality recovery vehicles for organisations that require recovery vehicles such as roadside assistance companies.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Roger Dyson were looking at moving to a more robust and streamline system that enables them to monitor their customer journey from an incoming lead, all the way through to closing an opportunity that ultimately brings revenue into the business. As a business, they wanted it to be easy to search, manage and add accounts and contacts and have those relevant contacts associated with the right accounts so that they can clearly see relationships within their system.

Business Requirements included: 

  • Store and manage leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities 
  • Be able to report valuable metrics within the system
  • Be able to sync between outlook and Salesforce
  • Increase data integrity through validations and automations
  • Build custom object to store inventory details of vehicles 
  • Be able to send tasks to each other within the system, relating the task to specific accounts, contacts, and opportunities 

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Roger Dyson:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Outlook integration


  • Ability to store and manage leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities
  • Reporting and dashboards with clear visibility of valuable metrics
  • Salesforce and Outlook integrated with system
  • Custom object to store bespoke vehicle details
  • Task management set up to allow the tracking and monitoring of task completion 
  • Ability to associate records within the system with each other so that they can clearly see what accounts, contacts and opportunities are all related. 

Length of Project

5.5 days

Quote from the customer

“Milo helped us implement Sales Cloud so we could manage our customer portfolio in a much more efficient way. It will help us optimise the customer journey for all of our clients and assist greatly the effective day to day operation”

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