Posted by: Brendan Keating
Category: Case Studies, High Tech, Sales Cloud

Project Details

  • Region: Ireland
  • Industry: Tech
  • Sub-Sector: SaaS / HLS
  • Size of company: 15+ User
  • Website: Statsols

About the customer

Statsols is the company behind nQuery – an industry-leading trial design platform that makes clinical trials faster, less costly, and more efficient. As part of the DotMatics group – the world’s largest R&D software provider –  they serve biostatisticians and researchers globally to ensure they meet regulations and deliver trials as efficiently and ethically as possible.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Their business approach was to automate the sales and renewal processes as much as possible so that they needed fewer sales people and so that they could maximise efficiency and reduce overheads.

Their org had a lot of legacy custom code previously developed, largely designed to automate the aforementioned processes. The challenges when they came to Ignyto were that there were areas in their processes that needed to be automated and that some of the custom code and various automation previously configured were either not working or not working as required.

Sales Process

There were custom Visualforce pages configured and accessible by customers from the Nquery website and automated the buying process from the customer perspective. The challenge was that Opportunities coming through the website were not triggering the correct processes in Salesforce.

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following solutions for Statsols:

Sales Process

Sales coming through the NQuery website now complete the full self-serve process. Opportunities are automatically created and closed in Salesforce, ‘Assets’ are created for the products so Statsols can see what the customer has purchased, and confirmation and onboarding emails sent to the customer without a person needing to do so manually.

Renewal Process

Customers now receive email notifications of a pending renewal directing them to login to the community portal. Once logged in if there is a renewal for them there is a custom developed solution that would be presenting a button to walk them through the renewal process.

In addition to solutions for the above, Ignyto resolved a number of other issues over the course of a 12 month Managed Service, such as automating monthly renewal schedules. 


We resolved all issues mentioned with both the Sales and Renewal Processes giving them now a fully automated and self-serve journey for customers. It means that a customer can make the initial purchase and all subsequent renewals without needing to speak with a sales rep. This aligned with their business objectives to keep head count low and scale with technology to maximise their profitability.

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