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Stellium Data Centres

Project Details

  • Region: UK
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Sub Sector: Data Centres
  • Size of company: 6-20 Employees
Stellium Data Centres

About the customer

Stellium provides the UK’s best-in-class data centre and global connectivity services for companies operating in the fintech and high-frequency trading sector, the energy services sector, technology and internet services, visual media and streaming services, healthcare/pharma research industries, and public sector, with OCP Ready™ colocation services capable of supporting high power compute (HPC), Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Stellium uses Salesforce to manage their sales data, including potential leads, account contacts, and sales opportunities for new and existing customers, but their instance needed revisions to allow them to capture the most relevant data for their customers. Stellium needed reports and dashboards which would quickly allow high-level stakeholders to gain an insight into the Sales Pipeline of the business without the need for manual spreadsheets. Stellium also needed to train its end users and admins in the use of Salesforce.

Business Requirements included:

  • Training Salesforce end users and administrators
  • Updating Sales Cloud objects to meet current needs of the business
  • Creating reports to dashboards to replace a spreadsheet for reporting on the sales pipeline
  • Exporting of unqualified Accounts and uploading as Leads
  • Configuring Salesforce Inbox

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Stellium:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Inbox
  • End User Training
  • Salesforce Admin Training


  • Ability to efficiently manage lead, contact account and opportunity data
  • Successful configuration of end-to-end sales process through lead conversion and opportunity management
  • Ability to have a 360 view of the customer with Outlook integration
  • Ability to see how the business is performing with regards to upcoming sales
  • Successful migration of unqualified Accounts to Leads

Length of Project (Days)

44 days

Quote from the customer

“We found the experience with Ignyto to be very well managed, professional and personable. It was easy to speak to the consultant and outline what we needed Salesforce to do for us. It didn’t feel like an off the shelf template service but something more bespoke to our requirements as a business, which is what we wanted.

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