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Project Details

  • Region: London, UK
  • Industry: Human Resources
  • Size of company: 25 employees

About the customer

Strengthscope are a HR company that helps manage and upskill employees by providing training accreditations, courses and other relevant products that help companies improve the confidence and skill-set of their employee workforce. Strengthscope operate around the world and pride themselves on ‘revealing the unique strengths of people across the world enabling them to bring their most authentic and inspired selves to work and to life every day’

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Strengthscope were looking to implement Salesforce and move away from Saleseek to enhance their customer relationship processes. A crucial requirement for them was to have the ability to pull valuable key metrics out of the data within the system to enable detailed reporting and dashboards that allow users to visually see different areas of the business clearly. This was made possible by salesforce’s incredible data reporting and analytics features that have been utilized throughout the project. Strengthscope were also looking to integrate several different applications so that they can use salesforce as a central location for all customer data. These applications included; Plezi, Intercom, Outlook, & Xero.

Business Requirements included:

  • Ability to manage customer data efficiently from lead to opportunity 9 (Sales cloud implementation)
  • Ability to pull key metrics out of the system in the form of reports, dashboards, and visual graphics
  • Integrations to centralize the salesforce platform (Plezi, Intercom, Outlook, and Xero)
  • Event management system (Event spark)
  • Validation rules to enhance data integrity
  • Automations implemented to eliminate manual processes & data entry
  • Full product list with prices and price books implemented

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Strengthscope:

  • Sales cloud
  • Salesforce Outlook
  • App installations (Eventspark, Xero, Intercom, Plezi and Outlook)


  • Successful implementation of sales cloud
  • All apps operating from within the salesforce org
  • Bespoke reporting and dashboard functionality set up
  • Successful User training/adoption (Admin & End user)

Length of Project

20 days

Quote from the customer

“Milo has diligently managed the build of Salesforce within our organisation, meeting with us weekly to discuss progress and milestones. He’s helped us overcome some tricky challenges, such as integrating with our finance system and he has remained optimistic, patient and professional throughout. We’ve really enjoyed working with Milo and would recommend him highly for future Salesforce build projects.”

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