Posted by: Ryan Groves
Category: Case Studies, High Tech, Sales Cloud

Project Details

  • Region: UK/Spain
  • Industry: High Tech
  • Sub Sector: Information Technology & Services
  • Size of company: 300 Employees

About the customer

Tractable is a leading AI company who develop products for accident and disaster recovery. They apply artificial intelligence to photos and video in order to create fast and accurate assessments for many of the largest P&C insurance, manufactures and fleet owners worldwide. Their goal is to help the world recover faster from accidents and disasters that impact hundreds of millions of lives.

Business Requirement and Customer Challenges

Tractable needed a process to help their internal users manage their pipeline more efficiently and generate accurate quotes for customers which had been approved by the relevant stakeholders. 

Business Requirements included: 

  • Create a custom lead assignment process based on account and territory ownership
  • Standardize account and opportunity naming within the system 
  • Run a data cleanse to make the sales process run more smoothly
  • Create a sales process with clear steps and validation to ensure all internal users follow best practices
  • Automate the quote generation process 
  • Create a quote approval process internally

Products implemented

Ignyto implemented the following Salesforce Solutions for Tractable AI:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud


  • Flexible lead assignment process 
  • Data cleansed and naming all standardised within Salesforce system 
  • A clear and guided selling process for sales users 
  • Efficient quote generation and approval process
  • Validation within the system to enforce best practices

Length of Project

21.5 days

Quote from the customer

“We worked with Ignyto team to define different processes – from lead assignment to pre-sales tests and commercial approval processes. Katie was very collaborative and helped us configure complex validation rules and approval workflows in a timely manner, always ensuring we took the best course of action in every choice.”

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