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Salesforce Projects: 10 most commonly asked questions

Posted by: Brendan Keating
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10 most common questions about Salesforce Projects

Salesforce Projects, like any Technology projects, are, by nature, disruptive. They can bring about beneficial change but also a list of questions to find answers to. What are the benefits? Where do we get started? What do we need to be conscious of? 

As a Platinum salesforce consultancy, we’ve had the opportunity to consult with and support over six hundred clients. From Salesforce Projects like Implementations to multi-cloud projects, we understand the questions that are front of mind for our customers. 

In our first post in this series we talked about using a Technology Project Checklist. In this post, we’ll take a step back and dive into the initial questions our customers have when starting any Salesforce Project

Salesforce Features and Benefits

Q.What does Salesforce do, and how does it work?

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps organisations manage customer data and Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service operations. The all-in-one platform has the power to integrate various business processes into one centralised location, accessible through a web browser or mobile app means you can access and work with your data anywhere.

Q.How can Salesforce improve our business processes?

Salesforce empowers you to leverage your customer data across Sales, Marketing and Customer Services. Having a single view of the customers empowers your teams to build customer-centric processes, automate repetitive tasks and gain real-time, actionable insights, all of which lead to improved efficiency, revenue and a more personable and engaging experience for your customers.

Q.What are the benefits of using Salesforce?

In addition to the above, Salesforce is a customisable, adaptable and scalable platform. Utilising a click-not-code approach, you can quickly meet the needs of not only your teams but the ever-changing expectations of your customers, no matter your size or industry.

Q.How can I ensure data security and privacy when using Salesforce?

Salesforce takes data security and privacy very seriously and provides various security features and controls to help protect customer data. Following best data management practices and a comprehensive security plan is also essential.

To learn more, check out Salesforce Guide to data management and learn about Salesforce’s security strategy, programs, and controls in this Customer Trust Whitepaper. 

Salesforce Projects Timelines

Q.How long does it take to implement a Salesforce project?

Timelines can depend on the size and complexity of your project. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a more complex implementation. There are also several factors to consider that can influence your timelines.

The Size of your organisation

Small organisations may be able to move quickly, while larger, more complex organisations may need a phased approach based on the number of departments or locations. 

Product(s) Chosen 

A Service Cloud implementation for a large service team may take longer than implementing Account Engagement for a small marketing team. 

Adoption and delivery

Give your teams and users the time to feel prepared for the upcoming transition by understanding what changes are coming, why they’re happening, and how it will help them.

Working with a Salesforce Consultant or Partner will help you to understand how these factors will influence your timelines.

Choosing the right Solution 

Q.What are the costs associated with a Salesforce project?

Cost depends on several factors, such as the size of the organisation, the complexity of the implementation, and the customisation required. Costs can range from a few thousand for small organisations to hundreds of thousands of Pounds / Euro / Dollars for larger organisations. Check out Salesforce’s pricing page for a breakdown of features and editions. The people at Forbes Advisor have also compiled a handy guide of what you’ll likely pay, depending on your software needs.

 Q.Salesforce offers several solutions. How do I find the right one for my business?

It’s vital first to assess your organisation’s specific needs and goals and to evaluate the different features and capabilities of the available Salesforce products. Working with a Salesforce Consultant or Partner can help to streamline this process and help you identify areas of improvement.

Q.How can I ensure the success of my Salesforce project?

A clear and collective understanding of your goals is a great starting point.  Having all of your key stakeholders contribute in helping to identify your current pain points, and agree on areas of improvement, as well as your business objectives will help to ensure success.  This Project Management Essentials module from Trailhead is a great starting point.

Salesforce Training

Q.How do I train my team to use Salesforce effectively?

Salesforce has a wealth of enablement material available, from the training platform Trailhead to Salesforce’s knowledge base with endless help and training articles. You can also avail of 1-1 and 1-many enablement via Salesforce Premier Success or through a certified Platinum Partner like Ignyto.  

Where possible, identify evangelists or power users who can help to drive and support ongoing adoption and enablement. The User Training and Enablement Module on Trailhead gives excellent tips and advice on setting your teams up for success. 

Q.What support and resources are available to help me with my Salesforce project?

Many resources are available to help and support your Salesforce project, including Salesforce’s own support and resources, as well as a large and active Community of Salesforce evangelists, Users, Consultants, and Partners. Many third-party tools and resources are also available to help with customisation, integration, and training.  Below is a list of some helpful resources to get you started.

Self-Service / On Demand


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