3 ways your business can benefit from the Salesforce Experience Cloud

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3 ways your business can benefit from the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Posted by: Tom
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3 ways your business can benefit from the Salesforce Experience Cloud - Ignyto

Salesforce Experience Cloud is essentially an online social platform that optimises the way that companies can connect to customers. It offers any business the opportunity to access real time collaboration, as well as being able to share everything – from files to data and records – no matter where your team is located. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, it’s simple to streamline key business processes and make your operations more efficient, especially when it comes to customer service. Here are 3 ways that your business can benefit from Salesforce Experience Cloud.

  1. Make your business truly connected and collaborative. ‘Collaboration’ is a word that gets a lot of airtime today, but few organisations really have the infrastructure in place to achieve this. One of the reasons collaboration is such a key goal for many is that it supports better relationships, whether those are with customers or other businesses up and down the supply chain. Salesforce Experience Cloud has the power to genuinely make better collaboration happen thanks to offering the opportunity to build communities and portals more quickly and engage with customers, employees and other partners better than ever before. This will enable closer relationships that are ultimately more beneficial.
  2. Upgrade to world-class customer service. Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a way to connect to your customers like never before. Customers can help themselves – and even each other – with Salesforce Experience Cloud comprehensive self-service experience and online community software. It’s even possible to enable customers to make purchases within your community. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to upgrade the kind of customer service that your business has been able to offer up until now, Salesforce Experience Cloud is the best possible option. It can take relationships to a whole new level of mutually beneficial connection. For example, Salesforce customers tend to see 48% faster customer support/case resolution and a 45% bump in customer satisfaction.
  3. Sales channel benefits. There are also some significant benefits to using Salesforce Experience Cloud when it comes to your organisation’s sales channel. Salesforce Partner Community has created a new way to ensure that partners are up to date with product and marketing information – it’s more efficient than ever. Thanks to the ability to update records, register new leads and collaborate more effectively with the experts in your own business, it’s possible to close deals much faster. There are some impressive statistics that support this, including the fact that Salesforce customers, on average, see a 43% increase in partner sales.

Salesforce Experience Cloud’s potential to enhance how your business connects and communicates is impressive. Customers are empowered, and your business can make more effective use of community engagement, creating passionate brand ambassadors from your customers and helping to increase business growth and reach new audiences. If your organisation is looking to make collaboration and connection a genuine outcome – and not just pay lip service to it – then Salesforce Experience Cloud has all the tools and infrastructure that you need.

By choosing Salesforce Experience Cloud and implementing it through Ignyto, you could see an increase in sales as well as make your customers happy with the world-class customer service that Salesforce Experience Cloud can offer. Contact Ignyto to discuss this further.