7 Benefits of getting a Salesforce Managed Service by Ignyto

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7 Benefits of getting a Salesforce Managed Service by Ignyto

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7 Benefits of getting a Salesforce Managed Service by Ignyto - Ignyto

Salesforce has revolutionised customer relationship management, helping any organisation to build better relationships with customers. It’s a platform that also provides a range of tools that are specifically designed to help streamline the way your business functions and make it easier for teams like sales, marketing and IT to work together towards a common goal. Salesforce Managed Services are a simple way to maximise ROI on your Salesforce spend and ensure you’re getting the most out of the software.

Why opt for Salesforce Managed Services?

  1. Take the pressure off your budget. When you opt for Salesforce Managed Services there is no need to hire people internally – on full time salaries – to deal with Salesforce. Instead, you can get the level of support you need, as and when required.
  2. Ensure that your investment aligns with your goals. Salesforce provides a wealth of tools and processes that can feel overwhelming – and like it’s difficult to optimise the way that you use it. With Salesforce Managed Services you’ll get the benefit of Ignyto expertise focused on ensuring that the Salesforce strategy you’re using is one that fits your business and is fully aligned with your goals.
  3. Standards of security and compliance. Salesforce Managed Services means you have access to a wealth of experience and specialist insight when it comes to meeting required standards of security and compliance. You’ll be able to ensure business continuity through backup of data and system configuration, as well as minimising risks such as data breach or loss.
  4. Get the support you need with your team. Optimising the way your business uses Salesforce requires training – and this is all part of Salesforce Managed Services. Your Salesforce users will get the full support of an expert team so that every aspect of the system is being fully exploited for your business. Salesforce Managed Services can include monitoring the adoption of Salesforce, as well as providing support and advice, as and when required, in the process of making Salesforce work for you.
  5. Upgrading and using new features. Salesforce changes constantly and keeping up with this evolution can feel like a challenge. It’s all part of Salesforce Managed Services to get recommendations on the new features that are being released, those that will best support your business objectives.
  6. Salesforce best practices. With Salesforce Managed Services you’ll get a system audit and regular checks on the way it is being implemented to ensure that your business isn’t being held back by simple issues that could be easily resolved by a change in practice.
  7. Growing with your business. Salesforce is incredibly versatile and can grow with your business in a way that supports and fuels this. Salesforce Managed Services provide a simple way to ensure that the software continues to meet the needs of your business as these change.

From reducing financial pressures to ensuring that you’re always getting the most from your investment, there are lots of benefits to choosing Salesforce Managed Services for your business.

Ignyto are a Platinum Salesforce Partner who can help you implement Salesforce and maximise ROI on your Salesforce spend. Contact one of Ignyto’s specialists to discuss how we can help your business