Everything new coming in the Salesforce Spring '23 Release

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Everything new coming in the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Posted by: Tom
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Salesforce is continuously evolving, and the Spring 23 product release is no exception and arrives on 13th February 2023, giving users access to hundreds of new features. The motivation behind the new features is to better support businesses in the current climate, from improving cost savings to helping to deliver efficiency at scale. These are some of the key features to look out for when the Salesforce Spring 23 release lands in Feb.

  • Direct integration with Whatsapp business messaging. This is the result of a new strategic partnership between Whatsapp and Salesforce that is going to enable a whole new era of business messaging.
  • The Account Discovery dashboard. Here, you’ll find configurable, AI-driven health and upside scores that are designed to be used to highlight at risk and accounts with upside. It will be directly accessible from the account list view and is powered by Einstein Discovery.
  • New AI Insights. AI’s such as ChatGPT are currently revolutionising a multitude of different workflows across a wide range of different industries. If you’ve been looking for ways to integrate more AI into your business then Automotive Cloud Intelligence offers that in the Salesforce Spring 23 release. It’s now possible to get pre-built KPIs and embedded dashboards, all charged with AI insights that enable a clearer view of lead performance etc.
  • An upgrade to the Salesforce Contact Center. This now includes Einstein Conversation Insights and Shift Scheduling. The purpose of making this change is to enable leaders to ensure that the right agents are being scheduled on the right channels where required. This ensures that quick onboarding is possible with the right support no matter if this is a client or an agent.
  • A range of commerce enhancements are included in the Spring 23 release designed to help organisations scale growth and drive customer loyalt. These include Salesforce payments for B2B and composable storefront enhancements.
  • Quick Promotion Setup. If you’re a user of Loyalty Management then this change gives you a much faster way to save setup time on frequently used promotions. The use of eligibility, reward and rule criteria that have been predefined means that new promotions can be set up in a matter of minutes and it’s not necessary to begin each one from scratch every time.
  • Making analytics for predicting, creating and transforming actionable insights more accessible. Changes include data prep enhancements, input widget enhancements and Einstein Discovery: Model Queuing.
  • Support for net zero business models. Salesforce has acknowledged the motivation in many enterprises to go net zero with a range of measures to support this, including a disclosure and compliance hub for ESG reporting and a DEI dashboard.
  • Service Process Automation. If you’re a financial services firm then, from Feb you’ll be able to deploy automated processes for common service requests. This is intentionally designed to save organisations time and money and provide access to all the efficiency that automation can offer. It’s also very simple to build a process and make API calls to third party systems at scale with High-Performance Integrations.

This is a highlight of just the few of the hundreds of new features coming in the Salesforce Spring 23 release. To take advantage of these key innovations which could make the biggest difference to what happens next for your business this year, contact your Salesforce experts today!