Everything you need to know about Marketing Automation through Salesforce

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Everything you need to know about Marketing Automation through Salesforce

Posted by: Tom
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Marketing automation can support your organisation in optimising the process of marketing using smart tech tools. It can help to take the pressure of marketing and sales teams by absorbing some of the key responsibilities and make it easier to manage marketing and multifunctional campaigns, no matter how many channels you’re targeting. This is everything you need to know about marketing automation through Salesforce.

What is marketing automation?

It’s all about putting your digital marketing strategy into practice at scale. Rather than having to send every email individually, you can use tools like automation to reach more people, for example. It can be used by the sales and marketing teams to maximise efficiency and also to boost revenue. Use it for everything, from lead generation and nurturing to getting perspective on the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Why use marketing automation through Salesforce?

  • Take the repetitive tasks out of the hands of employees. This is not just a way to improve the experience your employees have but also to give them the opportunity to add value elsewhere.
  • Create a highly effective way to implement your digital marketing strategy. This can include using automation tools to understand your audience, create content that works and automatically trigger actions when customers engage in certain behaviours. Essentially, all the work is automated so that less effort is required for more reward.
  • You’ll get a 360-degree perspective on every customer. Salesforce collects a range of information on your customers so that you can have a complete view of each one. This information comes from a range of interactions, such as email, app usage, social media or visits to your website.
  • Personalisation becomes easier too. Salesforce takes all the data that is collected on customers and uses this to segment and target so that you have a clear idea of key audiences. This makes it very simple to then tailor personalised messages to each customer based on their profile, whether that is via email, mobile or social.

Tips to approach marketing automation

  • Make sure you’re clear on the objectives and goals for marketing automation so that you can measure the progress you make while using it.
  • Do some preparation for the process of segmentation. Review the customer data that you have, for example, and consider who you would like to target and why.
  • Design a content strategy. This isn’t just about your approach but also building a content library so that you have content that will be relevant and interesting to customers throughout their journey with your business.
  • Stagger the launch. It’s much easier and more effective to roll marketing automation out slowly so that you have time to deal with any issues and also to test.
  • Keep reviewing and analysing. What’s working and what isn’t, where are there tools you’re not using that you could?

Salesforce makes marketing automation simple and opens up many more opportunities for your business to engage better with customers.