Expectations when implementing Sales Cloud

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Expectations when implementing Sales Cloud

Posted by: Tom
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Expectations when implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud - News - Ignyto

Your business has been looking for a highly effective CRM that will enable it to improve sales efficiency and boost customer relationships – and found Salesforce Sales Cloud. There are so many benefits to working with Sales Cloud, from converting more leads to making your processes simpler and more streamlined. But, when it comes to the implementation process of Salesforce Sales Cloud, what can you expect?

Get clear on the goals and objectives for the business

If you want to ensure that you get the most out of Sales Cloud then there needs to be clear guidance in place before you begin the process of implementing it. That could be something like improving the efficiency of sales or the way your business communicates with customers – set long and short-term goals to ensure that you have all eventualities covered. Think about the ways in which Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud will enable you to meet those goals and the systems and features that are likely to be the most useful e.g. automation and analytics. It will also be key to look at how current processes and architecture might need to change to get the most from Service Cloud.

Create a timeline with critical milestones

This is something that you can do with an experienced project partner if you’re not entirely clear on what the process involves. Those milestones could include, for example, setting up the system and configuring it to the specific needs of your business, as well as testing and training. Doing this means you’ll have a clear roadmap for successful Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation and everyone who is involved will be able to see how the process is going to evolve.

Take advantage of all the customisation options

Salesforce Service Cloud provides a wealth of customisation options and this is often where the real genius of the software lies. By customising Salesforce you’ll be able to optimise the investment that you make in the software and ensure that you’re getting the most out of all of its powerful features. Look at the specific needs that the business has when it comes to customisation and then be clear about when these need to be implemented and who is going to be responsible.

Don’t forget the importance of training

Salesforce Service Cloud implementation will be most effective where there is widespread training integrated as part of the process – it’s this that will ensure all of the team understands the system and what it is capable of. Working with a Salesforce partner is one of the simplest ways to ensure that training is being well managed and that all the features that will be critical to your business are being fully explained and used.

The process of implementing Salesforce Service Cloud should be carefully managed to ensure that your business gets the most out of the investment that is being made in this powerful software. Contact one of our Ignyto specialists to discuss how we can help you implement Service Cloud.