Field Service Lightning: A Comprehensive Platform for Field Service Management

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Field Service Lightning: A Comprehensive Platform for Field Service Management

The good folks over at Salesforce are always busy thinking up new ways to optimise business processes, and in today’s blog we’re going to look at one of Salesforce’s best tools yet: Field Service Lightning.

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is essentially a management tool that allows you to automate and integrate a variety of field service management tasks for agents, dispatchers and mobile employees for a streamlined service experience.

In layman’s terms, FSL is focused on speeding up work orders, selecting the right mobile employee for the job and providing mobile employees with everything they need to exceed customer satisfaction.

The main features of Field Service Lightning are:

  • Work orders: create work orders in a matter of moments and efficiently track any work taking place in the field. Work orders are integrated with accounts, assets, cases, contacts, entitlements and service contracts for an unparalleled understanding of Salesforce data.


  • Asset management: use Advanced Assets to track customers’ products and leverage asset hierarchy to track products consisting of several parts in a single view. This simplifies and speeds up the identifying of asset parts in need of repair.


  • Schedule and dispatch: use Smart Scheduling to instantly book appointments through Lightning Console and automatically assign appointments to the right mobile employee based on location, time and skills.


  • Manage and monitor: oversee mobile operations via Dispatcher Console, check alerts for issues that require action, schedule bulk jobs with a single click and track and monitor mobile employees in real time.


  • Mobile device access: the Salesforce1 Mobile App provides mobile employees with access to work orders and other vital info needed to complete a full range of field activities. It also provides access to experts and field reports, and information can be accessed offline.


  • Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring and analytics keeps you connected to your customer and ensures you know everything you need to know about your clients. Access and interpret data on any mobile device while on the go and instantly view agent, dispatcher and mobile employee performance through a single platform.

Field Service Lightning is designed to provide agents, dispatchers and mobile employees with all the information and resources they need to guarantee utmost customer satisfaction, and to provide you with a comprehensive all-in-one platform for the complete management of your company’s field services.

For more information on Field Service Lightning and to see how it can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.