5 Tips to Future-Proof Your Account Engagement Org for Maximum ROI

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5 Tips to Future-Proof Your Account Engagement Org for Maximum ROI

Posted by: Brendan Keating
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5 Tips to Future-Proof Your Account Engagement Org for Maximum ROI

Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is a powerful marketing automation tool that enables sales and marketing teams to measure engagement, model behaviour, and improve marketing strategies. Adopting best practices and processes is crucial to ensure scalable and sustainable ROI from your Account Engagement Investment. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore five essential tips to future-proof your account and maximise your ROI.

Add Descriptions and Context to Assets 

One of the best practices is to provide detailed descriptions wherever possible. Adding descriptions to automation rules, engagement programs, and campaigns creates clarity and context for future reference. Additionally, using a solid naming convention and tags helps add context to assets without descriptions, such as segmentation lists and emails. 

Create a Account Engagment Data Dictionary 

At some point, you will need to run an audit or onboard new team members. Having a comprehensive data dictionary will simplify both of these processes. A data dictionary outlines the fields created, their purpose, and sync behaviour. Having a data dictionary simplifies understanding and managing data within Account Engagement. Check out resources like The Drip’s article on creating a data dictionary for guidance.


Schedule Regular Audits

Set a recurring event in your calendar to regularly audit your Account Engagement instance. Review the usage and limits tabs in Account Settings to assess the number of lists, emails, and content pieces. Evaluate whether you genuinely need excessive amounts of templates or assets. Utilise the Account Engagement Optimizer for recommendations, or seek assistance from experts like us at Ignyto, who offer health checks and optimisation suggestions. Check out this guide on how to clean your Account Engagement Database to ensure you stay within your mailable limits.


Stay Informed About Releases 

Account Engagement releases new features three times a year. Staying aware of these releases ensures you are up to date with the latest functionalities and capabilities. While some releases may seem less exciting, they often bring value and improvements to the platform. Explore resources like Salesforce’s release notes or conduct a quick Google search for a wealth of release information from Salesforce and its partner network.

Acquire Account Engagement Certifications

Certifications validate your deep understanding of Account Engagement and demonstrate expertise in the platform. They enhance your career prospects and empower you to utilise the system to its full potential. Certified users tend to identify additional use cases for features like dynamic lists and engagement programs. Invest time in acquiring relevant certifications to expand your knowledge and capabilities. Trailhead offers a number of Account Engagement trails to help you get started. For a more tailored and personalised experience, why not create a trailmixes for you and your team


By implementing these five tips, you can future-proof your Account Engagement organisation, enhance ROI, and unlock the platform’s full potential. Add descriptions, create a data dictionary, schedule regular audits, stay informed about releases, and acquire certifications to ensure ongoing success in driving account engagement. Take proactive steps today and position your organisation for a thriving future.


If you’re looking to maximise the ROI of your instance, why not speak with our Account Engagement Experts