Get leads and identify interests using Salesforce Pardot Scoring

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Get leads and identify interests using Salesforce Pardot Scoring

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Tracking prospect engagement is key to identifying and qualifying marketing leads. However, knowing which prospects are engaged and if they are the right fit for your business is often lost in a long list of leads that the sales team works through hoping they hit lucky. The power of Pardot scoring combined with prospect grading and seamless Salesforce integration allows marketers to equip sales teams with the knowledge they need to close the right deals for the company at the right time.

Pardot Scoring

A score in Pardot is a numerical value based on a prospect taking action. Many organizations have this in place but have never customized it to their business needs, meaning this value is never purposefully used. Prospect actions include email opens, email link clicks, form submissions, file downloads and more. By assigning a score when a prospect takes one of these actions, this firstly shows they are engaged but secondly allows you to know what they are engaging with and assign higher scores if that content is of higher value. Typically, the higher the prospect score, the more engaged the prospect is with your content.

However, what most companies don’t utilize is using this prospect score as an automation trigger or the integration with Salesforce. Pardots automation tools all allow you to use scores as criteria, triggering further actions off the back of this. Another under utilized feature is the connection between Pardot and Salesforce. Providing Sales with the engagement score and a log of the engagement history allows them to make faster and more informed decisions. They can speak with the most engaged prospects and have knowledge of what they have engaged with to lead the discussion. All of these enablements come from having a custom scoring model perfected.

Pardot Scoring Categories

Once your baseline scoring model is working you can then introduce scoring categories. Scoring categories allow you to apply a scoring model at a folder level, providing insights into exactly what your prospects are most engaged with rather than an overall score for all assets. Again, this is a neglected Pardot feature and can be utilised at the prospecting stage to identify interests before it is confirmed and by sales as a cross selling opportunity. If they have been sold one product or service but you can see they have high engagement in another, it could be worth bringing this up. Scoring categories are reliant on having a concise folder structure, using folders to store content and assets based on product or service.

How can managed services help with this?

Managed service packages (MSP) are an allotted amount of hours of Ignyto Salesforce specialists time that can be used monthly. This means we are on hand to help with any development, training or best practice suggestions to ensure you are making the most out of Salesforce org and in a timely manner. We at Ignyto can work with you to customize what this looks like for you and implement the enhancements ensuring you are working to optimal productivity. In this example, we would work with you to identify what are the key engagement points in your customer journey and allocate a scoring model based on this before then creating custom automation rules and ensuring visibility across both sales and marketing teams.

Ignyto are a Gold Salesforce Partner who provides Pardot implementation to clients worldwide. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business successfully implement Salesforce