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Get more value out of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Posted by: Tom
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Get more value out of Salesforce Revenue Cloud - Ignyto

Maybe you’re already using Salesforce Revenue Cloud – or you’re about to start. Either way, this software is designed to help you do more with revenue in your business. However, just like any tool it’s how you use it that counts, so how can you get more value from the investment that you’ve made (or are about to make) in Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud makes the sales process easier for everyone

Most of the tools in Salesforce Revenue Cloud are designed to enhance the lead-to-cash lifecycle and give your business more options to increase revenue. The software is simple but also very effective and results in an improved experience for all those involved in your revenue lifecycle. For example, sales teams are able to create faster and more accurate quotes and invoices, even where there are complex pricing structures involved. The experience is also considerably improved for customers who, instead of being presented with inaccurate quotes or huge gaps in communication, feel like their experience has been efficiently and effectively handled. Which inevitably leads to better relationships and more long-term revenue.

Identify the gaps in your current revenue cycle

One of the best ways to get more value out of Salesforce Revenue Cloud is to use it to smooth out the bumps in the road that might be creating problems for your business when it comes to lead-to-cash journeys. For example, you might notice that existing processes mean that customer quotes are being sent with out of date pricing – or contracts are incorrect – meaning that every stage needs to be redone and takes a lot longer. Salesforce Revenue Cloud automation can remove this as an obstacle.

Go back to your original goals

Why did you invest in Salesforce Revenue Cloud in the first place – and are those goals still relevant? Revisiting your original goals for Salesforce Revenue Cloud can help to ensure that you’re still on the right path in terms of getting value from the software. Every business will be different but goals could include reducing the length of the sales cycle or ensuring that every quote is accurate. It can help to spend some time looking at what your ideal workflow is – and how that differs from what you’re currently working with every day. Where could Salesforce Revenue Cloud improve and smooth out the challenges?

Close the gaps

If you do identify that there are gaps in your workflows and obstacles to efficiency and profitability then you can use Salesforce Revenue Cloud to close them. What you need to do will depend on the gaps that you find but there are some common solutions to gaps that many businesses have found in Salesforce Revenue Cloud, including payment gateway apps and document generation and e-signature apps. These tools could be a powerful way to get even more value from your Salesforce Revenue Cloud investment.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is designed to deliver value to your business and sometimes all you need is a few tweaks to make that happen.