Here's how Salesforce CPQ adds value to the customer journey in post-covid

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Here’s how Salesforce CPQ adds value to the customer journey in post-covid

Posted by: Tom
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Technology has been the key to survival for many organisations during the pandemic. New and innovative digital sales platforms have had a transformative impact on many businesses and provided a firm foundation for development and growth, even as COVID-19 has continued to evolve. Salesforce CPQ could have been tailor-made for the impact of the pandemic on businesses. It improves the remote B2B sales experience and makes the customer journey more efficient, customised and visual at every turn. These are just some of the ways in which Sales CPQ adds value today.

  • A self-service customer journey. According to Salesforce data, the preference for self-service options at the evaluation stage rose from 18% to 61% between 2016 and 2019 – and that’s before you even factor in the impact of the pandemic. Salesforce CPQ taps into this increasing preference for self-service, especially at the early stages of the customer journey. Sellers can funnel a buyer to a CPQ platform where they can do all their own research on configurations etc.
  • Near instantaneous visualisation. Product configurations can take time in traditional B2B sales cycles, for example when waiting for sellers to refer back to their product team for responses. This isn’t a problem with Salesforce CPQ, which handles configuration instantly without the need to involve other teams, producing a product configuration with tailored input that is ready to test instantly.
  • Dynamic, high quality visuals. There is no doubt that visuals make a huge difference when it comes to B2B products – and also that 2D photos do little to establish credibility and confidence. That’s why the Salesforce CPQ integrates 3D and Augmented Reality (AR), creating an experience that’s as close to what a buyer would normally get demoing a product in person. Not only that but custom configurations can be instantly implemented showing how the product would work in the buyer’s environment.
  • A strong connection between front and back office. Salesforce CPQ closes the gap between customer acquisition and tracking revenue. Rather than relying on legacy systems that may be slow and out of date, Salesforce CPQ puts financial tools and information directly in the hands of a seller so that deals can be closed on the spot. From one-click quote generation to built-in pricing approvals, everything necessary to complete the transaction is at the seller’s fingertips.
  • Building long-term relationships. With Salesforce CPQ, an initial transaction is just the start of a long and fruitful relationship. Why? Because it ensures that kind of consistent service that customers trust. This includes everything, from automating complex billing to staying on top of expirations so that renewals are proactively handled and ensuring electronic payments that make the process simple for customers to manage.

Salesforce CPQ has a lot to add to the customer journey, from creating a more visual experience to building long-term relationships. Use Salesforce CPQ to streamline your sales teams’ ability to generate quotes and automatically ensure the right product combinations and pricing is applied.