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How Communications Cloud is Revolutionising the Telco sector

Posted by: Ryan Groves
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There is currently a boom in the telecommunications industry. Whilst most services have suffered during the pandemic, consumer demand for telecommunications is now higher than ever with many organisations adopting a ‘working from home’ model. The race is on to provide full fibre broadband across the UK with multiple government incentives pushing to get areas connected, an influx of investment and a rise in telco and alt-net start-ups.


Why the Broadband industry will grow in 2022:

National Grid, the owner of high-voltage electricity transmission in England and Wales, confirmed that they have begun their £1 billion tunneling project to rewire London earlier this year.

They state that the 32.5 km flagship project will “minimise disruption for Londoners by housing electricity cable infrastructure in tunnels up to 60 metres below street-level.”

Whilst the BAI Communications installation will revolutionise communication on London transport by enabling broadband and mobile coverage for underground tube passengers, the project will also provide opportunity for emerging markets above ground.  

One such market is the rise of alternative networks, or “alt-nets” with BAI Communications’ CEO Billy D’arcy saying “we will also establish a new city-wide high-capacity fibre network throughout London and leverage the power of 5G and the Internet of Things to unlock new opportunities for technological innovation.”


The Rise of Alt-Nets:

The race to deliver ultra fast broadband in this consumer demand of gigabit speed offers a lucrative prize of substantial market share. Many financially backed companies have emerged onto the scene in recent years with the aim of competing with market leaders like Virgin and Openreach.

Such substantial investment comes from some of the World’s biggest funds like Oaktree Capital Management, KKR, Warburg Pincus and Macquarie. Financial Times estimates that the total investment in alt-nets is in the region of £8 billion. 

The Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) wrote a report this year which claimed that “this current wave of investment, particularly in full fibre and wireless broadband networks, means there is no segment of the market where there isn’t a plan to build independent networks.”

INCA’s CEO Malcolm Corbett stated: “As we welcome INCA’s new members, our unified presence in the industry reflects the overall strength of the independent sector. With the impressive funding achieved the altnets are well positioned to meet the Gigabit Britain challenge. INCA is dedicated to representing the interests of the thriving independent sector and the new members affirm the confidence that the industry holds in our experience and insight. Virgin and Openreach have been the dominant forces in UK broadband, but it’s clear that together the alt-nets also wield substantial and growing influence.”



Salesforce for Broadband

Telcos and alt-nets are actively looking for a solution to help them scale massively and digitally transform their operations. With competition strife in this sector, altnet providers will inevitably be looking for ways to achieve competitive advantage and business growth. When launching into a market with thousands of  potential customers it is imperative to have a reliable system to not only aid business growth but keep pace with supporting such growth. That’s where Salesforce comes in.

Salesforce achieved this for ViewQwest – the first internet service provider outside of Japan to introduce 2Gbps, the world’s fastest residential internet connectivity. Salesforce helped ViewQwest revolutionise how they connect with their customer, delivering personal and seamless omni-channel support through the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

ViewQwest’s goal was simple; they had an established corporate offering with the ability to offer residential customers ultra-fast connectivity, but they needed to manage exponential growth at scale.

Salesforce developed a platform to scale both subscriptions and service, making entry into new markets almost effortless. ViewQwest CEO added: “We are able to leverage a platform we have already built to take us into new markets effortlessly,”. “Still, the best thing is to hear customers say how happy they are with their service.”


How Ignyto can Help

Ignyto are helping customers utilise the power of Salesforce and Communications Cloud to build industry proven solutions, from self-service digital commerce journeys to automated order management and fulfilment. 

Using proven industry processes compliant with TM forum/ eToM – we are able to quickly design and implement solutions to allow customers to scale to millions of customers.

From rapidly offering products and services, engaging customers with AI-powered self-service tools and an accelerated quote to order process, Communications Cloud powers digital first journeys with a modular BSS, adherent to telecom industry standards. 

At Ignyto, we have proven success with multiple telecommunication providers in the UK, enabling them to go from zero to live in a few months. You can rest assured that your project is in expert hands as our extensively experienced team of fully qualified and Salesforce certified consultants can leverage the Salesforce platform to build a robust, tailored solution for your business. 

Some bullets of the things we are doing include:

  • Self service ecommerce journey via Salesforce portal, which covers;

– Availability checking

– Browsing 

– Checkout

– Register

– Payment

  • Order Management
  • Field Service/ Installation
  • Provisioning/ fulfilment
  • Billing

Our wide range of glowing customer testimonials outlines how we’ve helped businesses both big and small achieve substantial growth through our expert service and experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you, like we’ve helped so many others.