How Salesforce can help the Digital Transformation of your Business

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How Salesforce can help the Digital Transformation of your Business

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How Salesforce can help the Digital Transformation of your Business - Ignyto

When it comes to driving sales growth, Salesforce is an undisputed leader in the field. Salesforce is clearly an exceptional CRM but has also gone way beyond this in terms of supporting digital transformation in any enterprise. Today, it’s not just about tracking and analysing customer interactions and helping sales and marketing teams to exceed expectations – it also provides an interconnected network of cloud environments that can be used to manage a wide range of business services.

How Salesforce can drive digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using technology and best practices to streamline and automate business processes to help achieve a more agile and effective approach. These are some of the ways that Salesforce can play a role in driving digital transformation in your business.

  • Integrating automation for optimum business outcomes. The Salesforce CRM allows you to automate a number of manual processes and this can help to bring your business into the digital age. That could be following up on abandoned carts on a website, for example. The automation aspect of Salesforce reduces the time that has to be spent on manual processes and means that workflows can be streamlined, not just in marketing but in every sales funnel and department.
  • Enabling greater collaboration. One of the key motivations of digital transformation is to facilitate greater collaboration and Salesforce is an effective tool for this. Collaboration helps to overcome the silos that can result in inefficient working environments and replace this with improved communication, connectedness and visibility. Channels open up and business intelligence can be shared, providing many more opportunities for employees to be proactive and productive. Plus, Salesforce can be accessed from any device, which facilitates collaboration across teams, whether staff are on-site or not.
  • Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). SMAC is at the heart of digital transformation and Salesforce is a very effective way to start optimising this for your business. These crucial technologies come optimised in Salesforce and ready to support your business key goals. There are lots of advantages to this, such as the ease with which social media accounts can be managed. With the integration of mobile technologies into the sales lifecycle, customer experience is improved and the benefits of technology like IoT can be accessed. AI, analytics and algorithms provide access to valuable business intelligence that can be truly transformative in terms of business decisions going forwards.
  • Putting the power in the hands of your team. Digital transformation can seem like an opaque and foreign concept where it’s not clear how to make change happen. Salesforce is an enabler for your team because it is very intuitive and user friendly. It is designed to make life easier for staff and to be understood, which can really ease the transition to a more digital-first approach for many employees.

Salesforce is a key tool for any business focused on digital transformation today. From Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud to the way it facilitates collaboration, it’s a vital resource to have.

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