How Salesforce CPQ can help your business increase sales

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How Salesforce CPQ can help your business increase sales

Posted by: Tom
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Salesforce CPQ can be transformative for your sales team. This smart software will streamline the way your team deals with quotes and proposals for customers and introduce automation that improves efficiency, speed and productivity. If you’re looking for a way to integrate existing product and pricing information and optimise how this is used to boost sales then Salesforce CPQ is a great choice. These are just some of the ways that it can help to increase your business sales.

  • Increasing accuracy across the board. The automation that comes with Salesforce CPQ means that there is far less scope for human error. Configuration, pricing and quoting all become automated, ensuring that the information your team is working with is all accurate and up to date. This builds customer confidence and can boost sales too.
  • A productivity boost. When you’re working with Salesforce CPQ it takes a lot less time to close on sales thanks to integrated automation – which means a big boost to productivity overall. Plus, with the administrative support the sales team spends less time processing quotes and more time doing what they do best – selling.
  • A more positive customer experience. When customers feel they are having a positive experience with a business they are much more likely to buy. Using Salesforce CPQ means fast and accurate quotes that help to create long-term relationships with customers who trust your business and feel well treated by your team.
  • Cross-company collaboration. Another key benefit of Salesforce CPQ in boosting business sales is the way it facilitates collaboration across your business. Being able to collaborate and quote on deals in real time means a more efficient sales process that is driving a faster sales cycle and, ultimately, higher revenue.
  • More visibility into the sales process – and opportunities for improvement. It’s incredibly valuable to be able to see where the business could do better, especially when it comes to something like sales. Salesforce CPQ comes with sophisticated reporting and analytics that mean performance can be tracked in real time so that it’s clear where the areas for improvement are. This opens the door to insights that enable data-driven decision making that can be a key part of increasing business sales.
  • Scale easily and quickly. Salesforce CPQ is very simple to scale and will enable your team to shift into a higher gear to handle larger deals and higher volumes in a very short space of time so that you can capitalise on the opportunity to drive up sales numbers.
  • A seamless integration. Salesforce CPQ integrates with the Salesforce CRM so that your team will have a complete picture when it comes to customer information and sales performance. There are a huge range of benefits to this, from efficiency to being able to drive a faster sales cycle.

Salesforce CPQ is a key tool for any enterprise today looking to increase business sales. It is designed to help optimise resources and improve the speed and outcomes of any sales cycle.