Leveraging Pardot marketing automation suite on the Salesforce platform

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Salesforce Pardot

Leveraging Pardot marketing-  Pardot – what is it and what’s it all about?

Nearly every company we talk to want to expand their marketing capabilities and efficiencies (even with limited resources) to generate more leads, develop meaningful connections with their customers and ultimately close more sales.

In recent years our customers have looked to Marketing Automation to help their business scale, be more efficient, get better ROI on marketing campaigns and close the “gap” between marketing and Sales departments. But what exactly is Marketing Automation (MA)? Marketing Automation relies on smart software with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments wish to automate repetitive tasks such as email campaigns, social media posting, and other digital marketing activities. The technology of Marketing Automation makes these tasks so much easier.

The reason why we partner with Salesforce is that they have an amazing MA tool called Pardot which allows our customers do just (all of) that. To us, Pardot is the very best MA tool around and in this blog we discuss just how Pardot Marketing Automation works and why you should be using it today.

1. Introduction to Pardot – The what’s, how’s, when’s and whys
2. Build Programmes – Create bespoke campaigns and speed up lead generation
3. Visualise Campaigns – Fully visualise campaigns to see every element instantly
4. Improve Performance – Review highly detailed reports and adapt to new challenges and opportunities on the fly
5. Pardot Features – Everything you need to transform your marketing team.

1. Introduction to Pardot
Pardot is a leading marketing automation tool and is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud on the Salesforce Platform.
Put simply, it is an easy-to-use suite of tools designed to assist businesses in selling products or services to other businesses (B2B), or to consumers in instances that require a complex or drawn out sales process.
It empowers businesses by providing the tools needed to build, manage and track every stage of the sales process, from the initial click to the closing of the sale and of course, after the sale is complete.

Pardot is among the most advanced marketing technology on the market and has helped countless companies from across the world improve their marketing campaigns.
Pardot features include:

  • Lead attraction and management
  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring and grading
  • Sales & Marketing intelligence
  • CRM integration
  • Social media marketing
  • ROI reporting
  • Marketing task automation

Benefits that stem from using Pardot include:

  • Maximise your marketing department to that of an enterprise business, even with just one member
  • Generate more leads from your digital real estate
  • Move leads through your funnel quicker
  • Identify the leads that are ready to buy
  • Automatically notify your sales team of hot prospects
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Visualise and test every touch point in your marketing program
  • Easily and immediately understand campaign performance and adjust quickly to improve results
  • Demonstrate revenue from every campaign in real time
  • Engage buyers on their terms with dynamic, personalised campaigns
  • Understand each step from initial click to close, capturing true marketing ROI

Indeed, businesses from every industry are using Pardot to increasing their marketing ROI by 34% and their campaign effectiveness by 37%. Pardot enables your marketing department to generate more revenue and track exactly where this revenue is coming from.

2. Build Programmes
“It is empowering us to make decisions that we couldn’t previously make with drip programs.”- Wood Mackenzie

Pardot’s suite of easy-to-use lead generation tools enables you to build data-driven programs for the purpose of generating new leads and at a considerably reduced price.

You can greatly speed up the sales cycle while allowing customers to naturally reach the conclusion of the buying process. For instance, Pardot’s lead nurturing campaigns are an efficient means for engaging potential customers with relevant content and offers; you simply set up a campaign and use the software’s Workflow Automation to target multiple leads with the same campaign.

Pardot’s customisable and powerful program builder permits the creation of dynamic and multifaceted campaigns and the use of sales data as campaign activity triggers via CRM data.

3. Visualise Campaigns
“Pardot gives us a 360-look, from our marketing assets to our sales cycle and even our customer service team.” – Stanley Black & Decker

Thanks to Pardot’s Automatic Workflows, you can visually map out and test each individual marketing asset and touch point in your marketing program, providing you with the data you need to fully understand the customer experience.
Visual testing enables you to experience how your marketing comes across and test if it is achieving the desired result.
It also enables you to identify and solve any potential problems in your marketing campaign before launch, saving you time and money.

It gives you the confidence to launch your campaign knowing it will perform and succeed.

4. Improve Performance
“With Pardot, we cut the cost of new leads from $1,200 to $200,” – Sturtevant

Pardot’s in-depth prospect tracking provides highly detailed data about everything a prospect does from visiting individual webpages, to clicks, conversions and more.
This data can be then used to gain a better understanding of campaign performance and perform on-the-fly campaign tailoring, ensuring you can quickly adapt to challenges and implement the correct solutions.
Pardot’s metrics are presented in an easy-to-understand format that can be accessed with a click of button, so you don’t have to waste valuable time trying to decipher multiple reports at once.

Pardot users typically report the following improvements after implementation:

  • 34% increase in sales revenue
  • 48% increase in marketing output
  • 37% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness
  • 38% increase in prospect engagement

5. Pardot Features
“Our sales team is spending less time lead crawling and doing exploratory work, and more time on the highly-responsive, prime candidates for users of our system.” – Field Nation

As one of the world’s premier marketing software, Pardot provides users with a comprehensive range of features that simplify everyday marketing activities while greatly improving your message, tone and reach.
These include:

  • Simple-to-create email marketing
  • Bespoke email campaigns that effectively convey your message
  • Intuitive lead generation and a constant flow of reliable leads
  • Comprehensive lead management through use of easy-to-use tools
  • Increase market reach and customer engagement
  • Close sales faster by targeting the right leads at the right time
  • Detailed ROI reporting with in-depth prospect tracking
  • Synchronised marketing and sales for successful campaigns

When it comes to efficient and effective marketing automation solutions, Pardot is the leader of the pack. Pardot Marketing Automation is the all encompassing digital marketing tool designed to transform your marketing team into a highly successful marketing department that constantly generates leads for your business and capitalises on potential sales.

Get in touch with ignyto today to find out how Pardot can revolutionise your business and improve your ROI and ultimately your profit.

Salesforce Pardot