Marketing Cloud Features that help accelerate and optimise your digital marketing

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Marketing Cloud Features that help accelerate and optimise your digital marketing

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Marketing Cloud Features that help accelerate and optimise your digital marketing - Ignyto

If your business is looking to increase visibility online then Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a key tool for achieving this. It’s all about improving the way that your enterprise does digital marketing, whether that’s the timing of messaging, using marketing automation tools or ensuring that you have a 360-degree view of customers so you can better engage with them. If Salesforce Marketing Cloud is on your wish list here is our ultimate guide to using it.

Products to accelerate and optimise your digital marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes a whole range of products that are designed to help improve how you handle digital marketing. Here are a few of them:

  • Journey Builder. Use this to deliver personalised customer experiences at every stage of the consumer journey. Implement seamless customer service and harness all available data to do it.
  • Email Studio. Upgrade the emails you send from campaigns to 1:1 messaging.
  • Data Studio. Improve the way you manage data, uncover unique customer insights, find new audiences and handle data with pro tools.
  • Social Studio. This tool offers more oversight on social channels, from monitoring social campaigns to creating and approving social content.
  • Advertising Studio. Use this part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to access synchronised customer data across all marketing channels and build personalised customer experiences.
  • Mobile Studio. Mobile marketing is a huge growth area, and this tool is designed to give businesses more options, whether that is SMS marketing, push notifications or group messages.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). Automate email marketing campaigns, generate more leads and use smart lead nurturing to close more deals more effectively.
  • Interaction Studio. This part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows for a whole new era of personalisation, with 1:1 experiences that are driven by monitored digital behaviour, from offline behaviour to browsing patterns that can reveal expectations and interests.

The Einstein factor:

The genius of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein is that it makes AI accessible for marketing processes, which creates the opportunity to generate better results in existing use cases. You can Personalise every interaction with actionable insights. Einstein includes smart data analytics designed to inform better decision-making. It also offers a range of cloud solutions that are designed to enhance customer experience with your brand, including messaging insights, engagement scoring, content selection, email recommendations and web recommendations. The changes Einstein can make to the content and timing of marketing activities can be transformative.

The benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Use customer data better to customise interactions and make them more personal.
  • Encryption ensures that data is highly secure.
  • Create a seamless customer experience in an innovative way with a range of smart tools.
  • A single CRM product that delivers many different solutions, from sending emails to creating social media posts.
  • Tools to create bespoke customer solutions that boost engagement.
  • Use data and analytics to better predict sales and drive revenue growth.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud creates a significant competitive advantage for the businesses that use it – 37% saw revenue growth. If you’re struggling with customer engagement or simply looking to upgrade how you handle your marketing going forward, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a must-have.

After a customer implements Salesforce Marketing Cloud through Ignyto, they see a 23% increase in marketing ROIs, a 28% faster campaign deployment as well as a 44% increase in lead volumes. Contact Ignyto today to discuss how we can help you implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.