Prepare During A Pandemic: Top 5 Ways To Maintain A Quality Customer Experience

Posted by: Ryan Groves
Category: News
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With a global pandemic going on, there is more and more discussion about how to give
your customers the same level of support with staff working remotely.

Customer experience is one of the top priorities in todays business world. We are very
lucky that modern technology allows us to connect via cloud based systems seamlessly
anywhere in the world. Its easier than ever to connect with your customers across a series
of platforms.

Prepare during a pandemic: Top 5 ways to maintain a quality customer

More than ever, customer experience is very important at a time like this. Keep in mind,
poor customer service will drive your customers to your competitors. Here are 5 things you
need to prioritise to deliver a great customer experience.

Know your customer experience
If you are not certain on what your signature customer experience is, then now is a good
time to find it. Get insight by looking at what your competitors are doing good at and try to
emulate it, or do better.

Choose the right CRM
Using the right CRM solution such as Salesforce will give you a 360 view of your customers from anywhere, which makes it possible to maintain quality standards and continue to give them the usual
level of support.

Self-Service & Community Portals
During the pandemic, you should make use of self-service and community portals where possible so your customers can look for answers quickly or make updates and changes to orders etc.

Aiming to use AI & Chatbots to identify and fix cases.
During this period it is very important that you fix issues fast and effectively. You need to
make sure that you find any errors before your customers do. By integrating Chatbots, you can free up agents time and give automated answers to common questions and queries.
Now more than ever you want to resolve as many issues and problems as quickly as
possible! You should be aiming to find and fix issues before your customers' experience

Reassurance – You are always there to help!
Make sure to give your customers plenty reassurance during this period. For different types
of businesses this might be letting customers know you are open, or simply being available
for a chat online to answer any questions. More so, you want to show your customers that
you care and that you are abiding by safety measures.