Salesforce launches Enhanced Virtual Selling Suite

Posted by: Ryan Groves
Category: News

There is no doubt that the single, most dominant trend of 2020 & probably our lifetimes, COVID-19 has caused us all to take a step back, asses how we work day to day, make changes to our current working environment whilst at the same time thinking about how these changes may become permanent beyond the current pandemic and be part of everyday life.

With teams, offices and companies being encouraged (again) to work from home if possible, the demand for a strong digital/online presence hasn’t gone away – if anything it’s grown and looks to become a staple part of working life moving forward.

As the B2B buying and selling landscape continues to evolve during these times, Salesforce continues to be leading the way in terms of customer interaction and innovation with the announcement of a new suite of tools to further supercharge virtual selling throughout the end of 2020, into 2021 and beyond.


Salesforce announced the launch of FOUR additional capabilities to enhance virtual selling, enabling a 360-degree view of the customer:

Salesforce Meetings providing customer history, service cases & bios to help build a more personal, engaging & ultimately stronger relationship with buyers before, during and after a meeting.

Einstein Video Call Coaching using AI software to analyse video conversations, delivering key insight on both the customer needs as well as sales rep performance to help managers tailor relevant training to the rep whilst building more detailed strategies based on customer needs.

Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit analyses COVID-19 specific trend data to see how customers are affected to determine travel plans, ensuring field sales are as efficient and safe as possible.

Enhanced High Velocity Sales designed to automate sales rep actions such as outreach and next steps for those that have been forced to become virtual sellers for the first time after years on the field.

It goes without saying that every industry and job role has been affected in some way or another in 2020 – some in a temporary way whilst some actions may become more permanent as companies evolve to a new way of thinking. Whilst the art of selling remains the same for many of us, the recent global events have seen the way we prepare, engage and ultimately close the sale with customers evolve at a speed no-one could have expected, something Salesforce have acknowledged with this latest launch as they equip sales teams with the tools they need to tackle the virtual meeting room head on.