Salesforce PE vs EE: Which is Best for Your Business?

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Salesforce PE vs EE: Which is Best for Your Business?

Thinking about implementing Salesforce into your business operations? Salesforce PE vs EE, As the world’s leading producer of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Salesforce can have a massive impact on your understanding of your customers.

However, before you purchase a Salesforce product you should first consider which version of Salesforce will benefit your business most: Salesforce Professional Edition (PE) or Salesforce Enterprise Edition (EE).

PE vs EE

Salesforce Professional Edition includes all the features of Salesforce Essentials Edition (the most basic product) and a couple of extra features designed to improve customer communications.   

Salesforce Enterprise Edition is a level up from PE and includes all of the features found in PE plus a number of additional features and tools that provide the user with greater control over customer communications, in-depth reporting and compatibility with a range of Salesforce add-ons.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between PE and EE:


  • Access to 5 Process Builder processes
  • No access to APEX development
  • No access to API
  • No access to partial Sandbox for testing
  • Maximum of 2 Custom Profiles
  • Maximum of 10 Permission Sets
  • Maximum of 3 Record Types per object


  • Full access to Advanced Workflow Automation
  • Web-API add-on available (only for API)
  • Access to 1 Partial Sandbox for testing
  • Maximum of 1,500 Custom Profiles
  • Maximum of 10,000 Permission Sets


As we can see from above, Salesforce EE offers users far more variables to utilise for the purpose of achieving optimum relationships with their customers.

Generally, Salesforce PE is suitable for small businesses with limited customer communications whereas Salesforce EE is recommended for small to medium businesses with diverse customer lists.  

It’s also important to consider the limits of Profiles, Record Types and Permission Sets when thinking about which edition of Salesforce is most appropriate for your organisation’s needs; companies with multi-role employees who sell different products and have different requirements in regards to the system will need a greater level of support to ensure efficient processes in all areas.       

Additionally, there are a number of Salesforce add-ons that are only available with EE and UE (Unlimited Edition):

  • Analytics Cloud (Sales, Service and Platform)
  • Community Cloud (Customer, Customer Plus and Partner)
  • Live Agent
  • Live Message
  • SOS
  • Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Employee Apps (Starter and Plus) Licenses
  • Shield
  • Salesforce Connect
  • Identity Connect
  • Lightning Force 100
  • Health Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning

When it comes to choosing the right Salesforce product for your organisation, it pays to spend some time determining whether the Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition better suits your requirements.

Salesforce Professional Edition contains everything you need to get your CRM up and running but it’s advised that you implement Salesforce Enterprise Edition if you really want to see an improvement in this area.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding either Salesforce Professional Edition or Salesforce Enterprise Edition.