Salesforce Service Cloud and the benefits of using it in your business

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Salesforce Service Cloud and the benefits of using it in your business

Posted by: Tom
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The Salesforce Service Cloud is the “Service” module in Salesforce – it’s here that you’ll find everything, from Accounts to Cases and Solutions, plus features like Self-Service Portal and automation options. It’s designed to help your business do more when it comes to supporting customers, to build brand loyalty, improve retention and give you more options when it comes to your products and services. These are just some of the benefits of using it in your business.

  • Improving customer satisfaction levels. Salesforce Service Cloud has been specifically designed to improve relationships between enterprises and customers. One survey carried out by Salesforce indicated that where a company was using Salesforce Service Cloud there was a 32% increase in the satisfaction of their customers.
  • A highly rated, cutting edge product. Salesforce is the leading CRM product on the market today and the Service Cloud meets the same, high standards and sophisticated level of support. There are many reasons why Salesforce Service Cloud is so highly rated on a global level, from the opportunities it offers to streamline processes to the significant improvements it can achieve in customer support.
  • One Console Application. This combines a number of key resources, including Live Agent, Email-to-Case and Live Messaging in one console, which makes life easier for everyone. Among other things, this will facilitate conversational messaging, greater operational efficiency and a productivity boost too.
  • A single, central location for all critical data. Within Salesforce Service Cloud you’ll find all the information you need when it comes to cases and customers. That includes with respect to queue management, customer access across all channels, routing and escalation and support ticketing. This streamlined method of management saves a lot of time and means that there is no need to search multiple disjointed systems for information, as it’s all available in one single, easy to navigate, place.
  • Meet your customers where they are. With Salesforce Service Cloud you can provide support to customers via their preferred channels, not just the few that may be otherwise available to you. Service Cloud gives you access to Live Messaging, for example, which allows you to connect through many different messaging platforms, whether that is SMS or social media.
  • Improve both reputation and sales. Using Salesforce Service Cloud provides options to improve customer service and deliver more for those who choose to buy from your business. Given that reputation is built on the experience that customers have, this is vital to ensuring that your brand perception is strong. Plus, the better the experience that people have with your business the more likely they are to buy – and then buy again.

From improving brand perception and customer relationships to optimising operations going forward, these are just some of the benefits for any business that chooses to work with Salesforce Service Cloud. We are a Gold Salesforce Partner – contact us to find out more.