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Salesforce Spring ’22 – Top 10 Features

Posted by: Ryan Groves
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It’s that time again. Salesforce has rolled out a list of new features and you don’t have the time to research and practice each one to see what’s worthy of implementing. That’s where we come in! Now that we’ve had the time to utilise these features, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites so you too can benefit from an improved Salesforce experience.

So before we look forward to the Summer 22 release, let’s make the most of Spring’s highlights so you can increase your productivity and efficiency today!


1. Streamline communication with Slack integration.

Being the first ever Salesforce release to include innovation from Slack, this was the only place to start. You can now prevent and solve issues faster by communicating instantly with customers through Slack Collaboration for Signature Success Plan. You can also collaborate with Slack customers at all levels with Slack Connect now allowing communication with free teams to help nurture client relationships.

2. Use AI-driven insights to boost sales productivity with Revenue Intelligence.

Revenue intelligence is a data driven sales solution that combines Tableau CRM dashboards and analytics with a clear pipeline progress flow chart. This allows your sales team to view the most useful data for converting opportunities into sales to improve forecast accuracy and increase revenues.

3. Easily navigate video conversations with transcripts.

Sales reps and managers can now quickly and easily review video conversations without any audio by accessing voice/video call transcripts. You can seamlessly skip to specific sections of the transcript via the transcript timeline to accurately and efficiently recall key information from your calls.

4. Nurture customer relationships through AppExchange partner integrations.

Users can now access connectors, connect accounts, and activate data to create new possibilities to grow your relationships. Create an External Activation Platform to list on the AppExchange or provide the package URL given in Package Manager for your users to install and utilise in Salesforce CDP.

5. Edit multiple fields inline on a report run page

Editing fields inline on reports just got a whole lot more efficient. You can now edit multiple rows or columns and save your changes without having to rerun your reports. Also, if you make any changes to a field that has related fields in the same record, the other fields will show “pending” until those changes are saved.

6. Run your business on a tablet

With the new, full-screen, performance-tuned Lightning tablet app experience on supported iOS and Android tablets, you can navigate your Salesforce org with the touch of a finger. This supports Lightning apps, navigation, records, landscape and portrait mode rotations and Lightning App Builder. 

7. Identify your slowest desktop record pages

Pages with exceedingly long load times can have a serious impact on user adoption. A new prompt in the Lightning App Builder will monitor pages with performance issues and revert you to the new Lightning Usage App table where you can see the issue.

8. Easily connect third party apps with Pardot extensibility enhancements

You can set up a marketing app extension to collect prospect data from each third party app you use. External activities allow you to utilise all of the valuable prospect data you’re collecting in these apps. Setup for your Marketing App Extensions is flexible, so you can adjust it to capture the data that gets you the most out of your Pardot automations for a custom data collection process.

9. Easily find the right report type with new reports

It’s now a lot easier to find the right report type using the enhanced report type selector.

When you go to create a new report, the’ Choose Report Type’ screen will show your recently used report types along with a list of your report types with name and category (Standard or Custom).

10. Sort past activities by completion date

You can now sort activities not only by their due date but also by the date they were completed to show the most recent activities. This allows you to efficiently carry out common tasks as they are listed by how recent you’ve previously done them. This sorting is on by default for new orgs created starting in Spring ’22 and off by default on existing orgs.

How Ignyto can Help

Whether it’s streamlining your communications through Slack, boosting sales productivity with Revenue Intelligence or saving valuable time with report updates, Salesforce Spring 22 has some brilliant features you can start benefiting from today. 

At Ignyto, we pride ourselves on being experts on helping clients get the most out of their Salesforce organisation to grow their business. We’ve done just that for over 500 companies, both big and small! For more information on how we could do this for you, get in touch with us or check out some of our glowing testimonials from our valued clients.