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Salesforce Spring ‘24 Release: The Ignyto View

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Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

Salesforce Spring ‘24 Release: The Ignyto View

Like clockwork, Salesforce treats its clients to seamless, automatic upgrades with its annual Spring, Summer, and Winter releases. These upgrades bring many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, ensuring that Salesforce users always have access to the latest innovations without the hassle of manually upgrading software. 

Keeping pace with this constant stream of innovation can take time and effort, even for seasoned Salesforce users. While the Salesforce release notes offer a detailed overview of these updates, sifting through them to find the most relevant features can take time, leading businesses to miss out on valuable functionalities.

To bridge this gap, the Ignyto Delivery team has curated “The Ignyto View” – a concise and easily digestible summary highlighting our top features for the Spring ‘24 release across core clouds, including. 

  • Sales
  • Service 
  • Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) 
  • Field Service
  • CPQ “Revenue Cloud”
  • Admin Updates 

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Top 3 Sales Cloud Updates 

1. Sales Cloud Everywhere


Sales Cloud Everywhere

As sales teams hunt down leads online, the Sales Cloud Everywhere extension is alongside them in Chrome, allowing users to work with Salesforce records directly in their browser.

Sales Cloud Everywhere lets you work on your to-do’s, see engagement alerts, create records, and update multiple records. You can use it in your Gmail inbox or a standalone window alongside any web page.

2. Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection

We love to see updates to Sales Cloud that have come directly from customer feedback on the IdeaExchange! Spring ‘24 includes the revamped Pipeline Inspection UI.

The updated UI is more responsive, and you can fine-tune your deal lists with filter logic. The record limit for all metrics, views, and charts has been upped to 2,000, giving your sales team more room to manage deals and check out broader timeframes. Plus, resizing your screen won’t mess up your view – the metrics and quick filters adapt smoothly.

3. Sales Cloud Einstein*

Sales Cloud EinsteinThis is a new time-saving feature that can step up your emailing! Now, Einstein’s generative AI can draft personalised sales emails straight from a sales rep’s inbox, packing them with relevant information.

With Sales Emails, Einstein uses your sales data to craft personalised emails for contacts and leads. Reps can choose from preset email types or custom ones set up by their admins for common emails like follow-ups or meeting invitations.

*Einstein for Sales is required for this one.

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Top 3 Service Cloud Updates 

1. Email-to-Case

With agents spending most of their time resolving customer queries directly from the case page, we are thrilled to hear that the case email composer is upgrading! 

Features such as a more responsive toolbar, undo and redo buttons, an accessibility checker, emojis, and drag-and-drop attachments look set to streamline and improve agents’ correspondence with customers. 

This upgrade will be available to all using email-to-case.

2. Unified Knowledge Across Sources

Knowledge is getting a few updates in this release, but we are most excited about the beta version of Unified Knowledge. Unified Knowledge allows customers to bring together knowledge from Sharepoint, Confluence and Google Drive, expose them in Salesforce, and say goodbye to fragmented knowledge bases!

3. Einstein AI

Salesforce is making big moves with Einstein in this release. Making our lives easier using AI. We are particularly excited about two new ways Einstein can accelerate your service processes.

Einstein Reply Recommendations

Einstein Reply Recommendations

AI reply recommendations are served to agents in real-time, saving them time typing, reducing admin time spent building a library of common responses, and, most importantly, giving customers the answers they need fast. 

This release introduces Einstein’s ability to draft replies using knowledge articles and allows agents to view supporting knowledge articles. 

Reply Recommendations are available for chat and messaging in six languages. This change applies to Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with the Einstein for Service add-on license.  

Einstein Work Summaries

Einstein Work Summaries

Work Summaries create concise and informative summaries of support cases. The summary is based on the case details and the customer’s history. 

Work Summaries help agents close cases quicker by generating a draft summary, Issue, and Resolution. This means agents can move on to the next customer quickly.

In this release, Salesforce is expanding the use of work summaries for chat and messaging into more languages. Work Summaries in Messaging and Chat channels now support English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. 

It’s worth noting that the Service Cloud Einstein and Einstein GPT for Service add-on licenses are now captured in one add-on called ‘Einstein for Service’. Both Enterprise and Unlimited Customers can purchase this add-on.

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Top 3 Account Engagement Updates

1. Upgraded Lightning email builder

The Lightning Email builder is getting an update with new features. Customers can choose between the current lightning builder vs the enhanced lightning builder. The updated builder will be available to use after the Spring 24 release.

Why we like it

Any upgrades to the Lightning builder are welcome, as this feature has not had any major updates since its launch in late 2021. Using new features and adding custom components allows marketers to build engaging emails.

2. Einstein for Account Engagement content

Einstein for Account Engagement contentA new Einstein AI assistant for Account Engagement (Pardot ) is coming to Advanced and Premium editions. 

The AI Assistant would help build forms, landing pages, email subject lines, and email body copy.

We love this feature as it finally allows Account Engagement users to use Generative AI within the content-building experience. This was already available for Marketing Cloud and will now be released for Account Engagement.

3.Account Engagement Data in Data Cloud

Customers can now use a free version of Data Cloud (Salesforce Enterprise editions and above) to use Account Engagement data within it.

Previously, there was no way to include Account Engagement data within Data Cloud profiles. Spring ‘24 release solves this major challenge.

You would need to set up the free version of Data Cloud and then connect the Account Engagement data source. Click here for more information on Data cloud.

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Top 3 Field Service Lightning Updates


1. Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot is a conversational AI assistant for your Salesforce CRM, which helps accomplish key business tasks. 

Available for  Lightning desktop, mobile App for IOS & Android, and the Field Service Mobile app.

Why do we like it?

Unlike traditional chatbots, which are limited to strict conversational paths, Copilot is built on actions and can dynamically mix and match actions to address user requests and follow conversations much deeper.

Copilot can prompt workers within the field to carry out the actions to be carried out and can dynamically adjust based on their input. This could prove useful when something goes against the norm, or new field engineers can be provided with guidance. 

2. Work Capacity

Work Capacity

Improve flexibility by relaxing work capacity limits near or on the day of service and easily change the daily limit for a specific date. Increase dispatcher productivity by sharing work capacity object records with users with access permissions.

Why do we like it?

Enables clients to be more flexible when approaching their scheduling and enables the ability to tweak the scheduling rules to tackle certain tasks or have time to tackle specific work types and focus the team’s efforts 

This can be done by Service resources, territories or potentially crews also.

3. Einstein Pre-Work Brief

Get Engineers up to speed with the next job with pre-work briefing.

Provides mobile workers with an AI-generated brief explaining to them everything they need to know about their upcoming work orders, 

Why do we like it?

Previously, workers would need to switch between the relevant tabs to get the information necessary to handle the job.

Now, a clear AI-generated explanation of the job compiled from the different sources (SA,WO as well as products required) will provide a quick at at-a-glance explanation of the task at hand.

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Top CPQ “Revenue Cloud” Updates

1. Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM)

Revenue Lifecycle management offers an end-to-end solution for managing every step of your revenue cycle.  Suitable for businesses of any size or complexity, RLM levels the playing field with key features like

Product Catalogue Management 

Curate and manage entire product portfolios with ease 

Salesforce Pricing 

Create customised price adjustment schedules, define discounts and obtain accurate prices for your entire product portfolio.

Product Configurator 

Create custom layouts to help users choose the right product by making product-related information, such as options, attributes, pricing, and purchasing options, easily visible.

Quote and Order Capture 

Manage complex subscription lifecycles, ensuring end-to-end integrity from quotes and orders to contracts, assets, amendments, and renewals.

Asset Lifecycle

Providing sales with a single view of all assets belonging to a single account can increase customer lifetime value and better manage renewals.

With usage-based licencing and a modular approach, Revenue Lifecycle Management allows customers to build a revenue management process in Salesforce that suits their business needs.

2. OmniStudio with CPQ+ 

Standard OmniStudio functionality and features, including OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, Flexcards, and Data Raptors, are now available with CPQ+ licensing.

Want to learn more? Check out our latest blog post here

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Top 3 Admin Updates

Dynamic Forms with Related Object Fields

Dynamic Forms with Related Object Fields Building formula fields on objects to pull data from related records will become a task of the past! With the Spring ‘24 update, you can use Lightning pages to add relationship fields to your page layouts without creating formula fields.  

This is a great tool to help reduce the number of fields within your org and the time needed to build these. 

We love this because we can display relevant information to your teams in one place. Page load times will improve because you are not clogging up the system with formula fields. You can use visibility rules to display these fields to the people who need to see them, reducing the need for multiple-page layouts. 

To set it up, head to an object’s Lightning record page and select the “Highlights Panel” or the “Record Detail” component. Then, you’ll see the option to “Upgrade Now” and can choose between migrating an existing page or starting from scratch.

Note: Dynamic Forms are unavailable on objects that do not support Lighting Web Components, including Campaigns, Tasks, and Products.

Reports & Dashboards updates

There are quite a few exciting updates for reports and dashboards;

Transfer lightning dashboard ownership.

When the dashboard owner left the company, historically, you would have to clone & recreate the dashboard. From Spring ‘24, you can transfer ownership in bulk when someone leaves. 

Add Images, Rich text & widgets for all Salesforce editions. 

Make your Dashboards more informative and engaging by adding some different components. 

Refine your data more with additional dashboard filters

You can now add up to five dashboard filters (from 3) to help refine your data.

Update fields in Lightning Report Filters

If you need to update a filter on a report, you can now select the field you want to filter on. Previously, you would have had to delete the filter and add a new one. 

Rearrange multiple report columns at once

Previously a Salesforce Classic function, you can select multiple columns to move in one go.

Seller Home

Driving productivity for your teams has just got even better. With Spring ‘24, there is a new feature called “Seller Home”. This is designed to drive success for your sales team, giving them one place where they can see a complete overview of their work. 

Sales users can access a lot of data in one place. This includes 

  • Opportunity Overview 
  • Account Overview 
  • Lead Overview 
  • Contact Overview 
  • Weekly or Monthly goals 
  • Today’s Events 
  • To-do items 
  • Recent Records 
  • Contact Suggestion (Uses Einstein suggestions from emails & Events) 

Your users can see all of this information on a new dashboard-like homepage. This is the new default homepage for the Sales, Sales Console and Sales Engagement Apps. It will appear automatically unless you have customised your homepage. You can manually enable it from Setup if you need to. 

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