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Salesforce Summer ’21 – Top 10 Features

Posted by: Ryan Groves
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Salesforce Releases:

One of the greatest aspects of using Salesforce as your CRM is the continuous cyclical evolvement of the platform. As you may or may not know, Salesforce delivers hundreds of innovative new features three times a year, every year in their seasonal ‘releases’; Spring, Summer and Winter. 

Whilst this constant upgrading may leave you feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the latest and greatest features, we’re here to break it down for you and highlight some of the key improvements which could help you and your business; starting with Summer ‘21.


1. Pardot: Enhance Email Engagement with Einstein ‘Send Time Optimization’.

One of the best new features for Salesforce, and Pardot specifically, is the ability to choose exact dates and time frames to send list emails to individual prospects. The Einstein Send Time Optimization removes the guesswork and excessive segmentation to ensure your prospects receive communications at just the right time.


2. Pardot: Qualify Your Best Accounts with AI.

With the high volumes of data that accounts naturally generate, it’s not always easy to determine which trends are most impactful. The updated Einstein account identification model now identifies correlations between your accounts and their expected outcomes. In layman’s terms, it tells you which accounts are most likely to become customers.


3. Sales: Drive Team Accountability with Pipeline Inspection.

Pipeline inspection provides sales representatives with a single view of their pipeline’s key metrics, weekly changes and opportunities. By examining these insights, sales teams can prioritise the most important deals, thus providing managers with more time to train representatives and accurately forecast revenue.


4. Sales: Connect via LinkedIn with Native Sales Navigator Integration.

The LinkedIn Native Sales Navigator Integration allows for your sales representatives to connect more easily with customers. It allows them to see LinkedIn profiles on lead, contact, opportunity and account pages with native components.


5. Service: Service Setup Takes Care of Even More.

To simplify the setup process, Service Setup now takes care of even more tasks. From automated case email notifications, user access, macros and flow recommendations as well as a default help centre, the updated service setup makes it as easy as possible to get going.



6. Service: Generate Custom Help Centres to Guide Customers

The Service Setup Assistant can now make custom help centre web pages to guide your customers by removing steps between customer issue to resolution pipeline. Guests use the help centre to essentially create their own case or use relevant knowledge articles to avoid creating a case altogether.


7. Analytics: Download a Dashboard image to a File

Whilst previously you could only capture your dashboard with a screen capture app, you can now download the dashboard to a PNG file. This allows for the image to easily be exported and embedded in presentations.


8. Analytics: Navigate and Explore Direct Data in Compare Table Mode

With Tableau CRM Direct Data for Snowflake, you can now view and interpret Snowflake data in compare table mode. You can also create calculated column and relative filters to surface key insights from data contained in Snowflake.


9. App Building: Boost Productivity with Copy and Paste for Dashboards

You can now copy and paste widgets such as charts and text to another dashboard all whilst maintaining the original widget styling, arrangement and queries. This makes it much easier to maintain dashboards as information is relayed instantly in the same style. 


10. App Building: Get More Windowing and Column Options for Blended Data.

With the ability to now add column filters and apply Boolean logic to data-blended queries, finding the desired information among multiple datasets just got a lot easier. You can also calculate business ratios, such as moving average for sales, with the upgraded windowing functions.



From Marketing and Sales to Analytics and App Building, there are a host of new features and upgrades in Salesforce’s Summer ‘21 release which could help improve efficiency and effectiveness in your business processes. 

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