The best apps and plugins for a Salesforce admin

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The best apps and plugins for a Salesforce admin

Posted by: Tom
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Over the past year, the number of apps and plugins for Salesforce has proliferated, with more than 4,000 now available. All of these apps and plugins are designed to enhance the core CRM experience and enable you to better tailor this to what you specifically need. Salesforce is an incredibly innovative platform and these tech add-ons are the best way to ensure that you make the most of everything it has to offer. To help you do this we’ve listed below what we think are the best apps and plugins for a Salesforce admin.

  • Formstack. If you’re looking for a way to merge the data you have in Salesforce with a Word, PDF, PowerPoint or Excel template document then Formstack is the best choice. It has a document generator that allows you to create professional-looking documents from scratch or import existing documents and forms. From invoices to proposals and receipts it works for everything.
  • Mailchimp. This is the app to integrate when it comes to comprehensive email marketing solutions. There are lots of ways in which Mailchimp can help you to better reach your audience, including being able to segment Salesforce data into selectively targeted lists. When Mailchimp and Salesforce are integrated you can see a range of key data, from campaign stats to subscriber activity, all of which can contribute to improving the return on investment your business achieves from email marketing.
  • PhoneIQ. To improve the efficiency of the process of making outbound calls, use PhoneIQ. Simply click to directly dial a contact from inside Salesforce and that activity gets logged in the CRM. The app has fully integrated voice, video and messaging, plus you can create your own call lists and set up reports and dashboards to better manage all activity related to calls.
  • ZoomInfo. If you’re going to get the most from Salesforce then you need to be on top of sales intelligence. With ZoomInfo you can search any contact and company and swifty add their information into your Salesforce database. Use this app as a tool to reveal sales opportunities and use practical, predictive intelligence to improve and personalise conversations.
  • BOFC (Bulk Object Field Creator). If there are functions that you need to perform in bulk as a Salesforce admin you can use this tool to do it. For example, you’ll be able to add up to 200 fields at a time to a form.
  • Duplicate Check. The quality of your data is going to be vital to how well you’re able to use it – avoiding duplicates is key to this and something that’s easy to achieve with Duplicate Check. The app will allow you to generate reports that show you exactly where duplicate data exists so that you can clean all the data you’re using and ensure it’s high quality.

If you’re keen to get the most out of an investment in Salesforce there are lots of tools that are available to help you do this. Check out how Ignyto’s services can help your business.