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The future of Salesforce CPQ

Posted by: Tom
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Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote) is part of a market segment that is expected to maintain steady growth in the next few years. CPQ software, in general, is increasing in popularity and becoming ever more sophisticated as developers look for new ways to meet customer demands. As a leader in the market, Salesforce CPQ continues to evolve – and this is what the future of this vital software has to offer.

Better data integration. Data that is standardised and accessible means everyone in the business is using the same starting point when it comes to perspectives and decision-making. That’s why data integration is so crucial. Sales data is key for salespeople – but also for other decision makers, from those who deal with pricing to the customer service team, and improving data integration to help achieve business-wide productivity gains is a key part of the direction that Salesforce CPQ looks set to take.

Supporting more empowered decision-making. Successful sales – especially complex sales – need reliable data points and comprehensive analysis to ensure that salespeople can make well-informed decisions quickly. Salesforce CPQ is increasingly moving in the direction of providing more tools and support for salespeople to provide access to real time data so that split -second decisions can be effectively made.

Simplifying complex systems. The basic concept behind software like Salesforce CPQ is to make vital systems more transparent, simple and easy to access – with the overall objective of being able to drive more sales. Salesforce CPQ is going to continue to develop to support organisations when it comes to improving business-wide knowledge, providing access to key information and data that is regularly updated to reflect new product lines etc. AI and segmentation tools are likely to become more vital for allowing salespeople to understand what they’re selling on a deeper level to improve the potential for success.

More sophisticated AI-powered elements. CPQ solutions like Salesforce CPQ have increasingly made use of AI because it offers such a range of benefits, from being able to quickly assess the profitability of a deal (even when there are multiple revenue and expense data points) to using AI to drive more powerful and effective automation. The future of Salesforce CPQ is definitely going to be AI-driven with more automated tasks creating the opportunity for human-led interactions to add more value. AI has the potential to improve every step of the CPQ process, from pricing to negotiation and it’s going to be increasingly integral in the coming years.

More customisation options. Being able to instantly modify CPQ tools to work with thousands of different product configurations quickly and simply is a key goal for corporate customers – and something Salesforce CPQ is going to continue to evolve. Every process, from quoting to proposals, can be speeded up to reduce bottlenecks in the sales process and get customers closer to seeing value from their purchases. Customisation options will be an integral part of this.

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