Tips on how to pass Salesforce Business Analyst Exam

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Tips on how to pass the Salesforce Business Analyst Exam

Posted by: Tom
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Business Analysts play an important part during any project. They serve as a link between the business and IT teams, but they also help to analyse current processes, identify areas for improvements, communicate complex business problems, make prioritisation decisions and much more.

Salesforce has introduced a new Salesforce Business Analyst Certification in July ‘22 to help current Business Analysts prove their analytical skills within the Salesforce ecosystem and also to help others who are interested in becoming Business Analyst and want to learn more about business analysis and agile methodologies.

There are 6 areas of knowledge covered in the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification exam:

  1. Customer Discovery (17%)
  2. Collaboration with Stakeholders (24%)
  3. Business Process Mapping (16%)
  4. Requirements (17%)
  5. User Stories (18%)
  6. User Acceptance (8%)

Our tips on how to pass the exam:

1. Know the objectives of the exam (areas of knowledge) and their exam weight, so you can focus on the key areas.

2. Create a study plan and stick with it! Studying after work? During the weekend? How much time will you spend on studying? Make sure you have a plan!

3. Turn off your phone notifications. There is nothing worse than being distracted during your studies. Little tip: There are plenty of free apps which can block your social media apps for a certain amount of time and help you focus and stay on track!

4. Find your learning style. Our favourite ones are:

  • Visual – create road maps, diagrams to help you remember important information.
  • Read/Write – write notes, use highlighters, create flashcards.

5. Follow the Business Analyst trail mix on Trailhead as we all know is the best place to learn!

6. Visit blog sites to help you with the revision. There are plenty of blogs out there which nicely summarise the main topics and subtopics – if you would like to save some time 🙂

7. Make a cup of your favourite tea and start studying!

How can the Ignyto team help?

The Ignyto Team can help you; Analyse current processes, uncover underlying problems, identify areas for improvements, Improve and process planning, Process documenting, Reporting & get advice on best practices. Contact us today here.