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Top 5 Salesforce Productivity Tools

Posted by: Ryan Groves
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Sales spiking, calendars full and demand almost uncontrollable are the kinds of problems you want to have when running a business. But, with increased sales inevitably comes increased cases. Agents can become overloaded and productivity and efficiency need to be maximised to effectively manage these cases and maintain customer satisfaction.   

That’s where Salesforce’s service console productivity tools come in. These tools allow agents to save time and manage issues, records and cases more efficiently by automating processes and replacing timely tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the best productivity tools available, which you can start using today!

1. Quick Text

Quick text allows you to use shortcuts to create predefined messages, rather than manually typing them all out. You can pre-set common messages, greetings and answers which can then be inserted quickly into emails, chat and more.

For example,

  1. Select Email.
  2. Place your cursor in the email body.
  3. Select the quick text button in the tool bar or hit Cmd/Ctrl + on your keyboard.
  4. Select the quick text you’d like to use.

2. Macros

Rather than performing repetitive tasks, users can run a set of instructions which informs the system of how to complete this task. This is called a macro and it allows you to send emails, select templates and update a case status in a single click. Consistent and efficient – macros carry out instructions on the open record and can be run from the app’s utility bar.

For example,

  1. Open your selected case.
  2. Select Macro from the utility bar.
  3. Choose the macro you want to run.

Click Run Macro.

Both macros and quick text can be predefined and created from the Service Console app where you can customise them to say and do whatever is required for your business.

3. Split View

Split view allows users to view record details whilst keeping list views open. This provides a seamless overview of record and case details for efficient context switching. It’s displayed in a collapsible column so users can revert to viewing single records in just one click.

Split view can be opened or closed from the vertical bar on the left hand side of the console.

4. Mass Quick Actions

Another simple, but very effective productivity tool is mass quick actions. This saves time by allowing users to update multiple records at the same time with the ability to edit up to 100 records from any list view, apart from recently viewed lists. 

For example,

  1. Choose the cases you want to perform mass quick actions on.
  2. Click the selected quick action.
  3. Fill out the specifics of the action.
  4. Review your edits in the Fields to update the section.

Select Save and Okay to perform the chosen action.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

A brilliant way to increase efficiency and boost availability is keyboard shortcuts. This allows users to edit and save records, open and close utilities and essentially just navigate and work faster, without the need for a mouse.

Users can view and select the most appropriate shortcuts for their work by pressing Cmd / Ctrl + which will display a list of useful shortcuts that could save time and help navigation.


Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of operations will always be important for businesses. Thankfully, Salesforce’s productivity tools in the service console provide many helpful features for agents to utilise automation and reduce repetitive tasks to help this.

Salesforce provides the perfect platform to enhance these operations whilst Ignyto’s expertise can ensure that they are working to their highest potential to help maximise your sales revenue.

For more information on how we can help increase your sales revenues, check out our list of services here or get in touch with one of our team members here.