Trends that drive digital transformation in Salesforce Field Service

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Trends that drive digital transformation in Salesforce Field Service

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Trends that drive digital transformation in Salesforce Field Service

Digital technologies are transforming the future of field service and Salesforce is up there as one of the industry leaders. Integrating Salesforce into your field service operations provides a wealth of benefits, whether you’re looking to navigate changes in customer behaviour or find ways to boost customer service and drive up employee engagement. Salesforce Integration offers ways to improve business agility and collaboration across an organisation, which is why it can be so transformative. These are some of the trends that are driving digital transformation in Salesforce Field Service today.

Digital technologies are a deal breaker

One of the reasons why Salesforce Integration is on the rise is simply because customers and employees are increasingly demanding – and expect to work with – digital technologies. In fact, according to one recent piece of research 88% of consumers now expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives. It’s the same for field service workers who have expectations of working with the latest digital tools that are likely to offer efficiency benefits and a multitude of ways to make life easier. Attracting and retaining the best possible talent means being able to provide the technology and processes that those people expect to be able to work with.

Collaboration is vital for problem solving in the field

With Salesforce Integration field workers can get expert help when it comes to problem solving in the field and collaboration is a vital part of this. Salesforce Integration helps to ensure better collaboration across an organisation so that field workers feel better supported and there is an early warning system in place where there is the potential for problems. As technology evolves we are seeing many more opportunities to improve collaboration and make this easier, including the use of visual remote assistance using live video sessions, for example.

An agile business model is key today

Digital transformation has been rising up the agenda for businesses across all sectors – sparking a big push in the desire for a new approach, such as that offered by Salesforce Integration. One of the best ways to ensure that your business is able to tap into the benefits that a more agile working model offers is to use mobile devices and software so that your teams can access information and take action no matter where they are. This is a big driving factor in Salesforce Field Service and the support that it provides to businesses across the industry. There are so many ways in which Salesforce Integration can help to improve the agility within a business as well as the speed at which communication happens and problems are solved. Processes are simplified and streamlined and tools such as automated workflows allow employees to get more done in less time. In an industry like field service, where customer expectations are rising all the time, this is increasingly key. Those businesses that are looking to gain an advantage over the competition need to have Salesforce Integration in mind.

These are just some of the trends and shifts driving Salesforce Integration for greater digital transformation today. Ignyto specialists can help your business integrate Salesforce with ease. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.