What do I need to know about Pardot?

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What do I need to know about Pardot?

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What do I need to know about Pardot

Marketing automation technology is increasingly in demand today thanks to the wealth of benefits it brings to any business. From the pressures of more content-heavy marketing to the need for speed, Pardot is marketing automation technology that steps up to deliver – in seamless integration with Salesforce. If your business is looking for an effective B2B marketing automation tool then Pardot is a must-consider.

What is Pardot?

It’s a tool that is designed to help a business drive leads, better engage with existing prospects and improve integration between sales and marketing, among many other things. It works seamlessly with Salesforce providing a comprehensive automated marketing solution for any organisation.

What do you need to know about Pardot?

These are the key areas where Pardot delivers:

  • Lead generation. Pardot has a number of features that are designed to improve lead generation. For example, you can work with it to create engaging landing pages and forms for your website that you can use to collect data to form the basis of lead generation going forwards. Templates and a simple visual editor means anyone can design beautiful pages – no professional skills required. Pardot Forms also mean you can use progressive profiling, collecting further data on someone each time they return to fill in a form.
  • Better management of prospects. Pardot assigns a score to a prospect each time they take action so that you can better identify the leads that are more likely to be interested in your products or services. The inbuilt Engagement Studio is ideal for nurturing those that might not be ready yet, from sending emails based on triggers to re-engaging dormant leads.
  • Effective email marketing. It’s simple and straightforward to use Pardot to design good looking emails that effectively channel your messaging. Features such as auto-responder emails ensure that potential leads always get the information that they are looking for and it’s simple to personalise emails so that they achieve the best possible impact. Email reporting provides clear insight into how emails are performing, including open and click rates. Integration with Salesforce means you can use Pardot to design appealing email templates that the sales team can use to send to the best prospects.
  • Sophisticated technology. Pardot Einstein is artificial intelligence that you can employ in many different ways. That includes identifying prospects that are most likely to become customers through lead scoring and using the AI to examine both Salesforce and Pardot data to manage sales and marketing team priorities.
  • Alignment between internal sales and marketing. The Pardot-Salesforce integration provides the opportunity for your sales and marketing teams to work together much more effectively. Sales agents can get detailed insight into activity history and you can set up alerts so that the team is notified if a lead completes a specific action. There are also many benefits to this integration when it comes to monitoring and tracking campaign performance.

Pardot implementation can be the beginning of a new, improved, and transformative, partnership between sales and marketing – and create an even brighter future for your business.