What is a Ignyto Salesforce Managed Service?

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What is a Ignyto Salesforce Managed Service?

Posted by: Tom
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After a Salesforce implementation things do not simply stand still. Your system will require maintenance, your users will need training, your managers will need to ensure your employees are adopting the system in the right way and your leadership team will need advice on how Salesforce can support your evolving business. Ultimately as your business grows, changes and adapts to meet the growing needs of your customers so will your Salesforce environment.

A Salesforce Managed Service includes a number of support, maintenance and advisory services to help address these points. For example:

  • System Administration: managing your users, permissions, access and providing general support to ensure your system supports your BAU activities.
  • Security & Compliance: providing specialist data and security advice, whilst working with you to create a comprehensive plan to secure and backup not only your data but also your system configuration.
  • Application Development: recommending & advising on new features or enhancements you are not currently taking advantage of that could support your business goals.
  • Training & Adoption: as you introduce new features to your system your users will require continued training, as will new employees whilst all the while monitoring user adoption allows you to ensure the system is being used in the intended way as well as identifying further training needs.
  • Best Practice Advice: health checks and system audits completed by experienced Salesforce consultants to highlight any potential issues and make recommendations on how to resolve, making certain we are not accumulating any technical debt!
  • Future-Proofing: Help you maintain and scale your Salesforce instance to ensure it fulfills your changing business needs
  • An extension of your internal team: help any internal Salesforce team you might have by giving them access to experts who have seen & done it before. Access to this level & depth of experience can provide your internal team with a valuable asset to ask questions to & seek best practice advice from.

How can a Salesforce Managed Service help you meet your business objectives?

Data Security & Compliance

➔ Every business should have the objective to ensure they are reducing the risk of data breaches, loss and/ or corruption. A Salesforce Managed Service with Ignyto ensures that you have access to experts who can help you in putting together & executing a strategy to manage the risks surrounding data breaches, loss and corruption.

Continued ROI on Technology Spend

➔ After investing in Salesforce you want to ensure you are not only recieving ROI on this spend today but that you have an approach to continue to leverage the new features in each new release. A Salesforce Managed Service with Ignyto ensures this is the case as through our understanding of both your business & the new Salesforce releases we are well placed to map these features to where they can support you in moving towards your business goals.

Reduce Costs

➔ If you are looking to cut costs then having your Salesforce system managed by a Salesforce Managed Service can be an easy way to save money compared to having to invest in hiring, training and growing an internal team to run your Salesforce system.

Salesforce Strategy

➔ A common objective we see across our customers is to have a strategy to both support Salesforce BAU activities whilst also having an approach to continue to evolve Salesforce to meet future needs.

A Salesforce Managed Service with Ignyto can help here as we can advise what we have seen work well before across common business problems, related to industry challenges, technical deployments, user adoption approaches or data & security compliance strategies. This means we are well placed to help you meet these objectives at speed as we have lots of the answers & accelerators already as we have seen it and done it before!

To find out more or to speak to one of our experts about how our Salesforce Managed Service packages can best support your business please click here.