What is Revenue Cloud and How can it help your business

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What is Revenue Cloud and How can it help your business

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What is Revenue Cloud and How can it help your business - Ignyto

Revenue remains a priority for any organisation – being able to manage it effectively can be the difference between growth and stagnation. This is especially so in light of the recent challenges that were highlighted by market instabilities and the pandemic. Revenue Cloud is a Salesforce tool that is specifically designed to help with this area of the business that many owners find challenging. It can help to reduce the amount of work and friction that revenue challenges create between departments, as well as generating opportunities for a revenue boost.

What is Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud brings together a number of the different tools of Salesforce, including Salesforce CPQ & Billing as well as partner relationship management. Together, these are all designed to give any enterprise the opportunity to gain control of revenue across all channels. Integration is another major selling point of Revenue Cloud, which provides a way to integrate finance, operations and sales to create a much more streamlined and effective approach to revenue. There are also many different functionalities, from creating invoices to amalgamating different types of sales, all of which can deliver a business boost.

How can Revenue Cloud help your business?

  • Create novel and original strategies for monetisation. This could be anything, from setting up a subscription product to applying new pricing models. Revenue Cloud creates a way to establish a unified approach so that you are using a single system to generate revenue from different clouds, Plus, many of these novel and original strategies can be quickly and easily executed and managed – for example, if you decide to set up a subscription model, it can take weeks instead of months.
  • More efficient revenue streams. Revenue efficiency is a critical part of growth and productivity, no matter what your business or sector. Revenue Cloud provides the opportunity for more efficiency around revenue, for example by using automation to improve the way that data is reconciled or approvals are handled. This approach also minimises the potential for human error and improves overall accuracy. In addition, thanks to the transparency that dashboards provide it’s always possible to get a clear picture of customers in a single glance, whether that is recurring revenue or net revenue retention.
  • Create a smooth buying experience. The optimum buying experience allows customers to effortlessly switch from one channel to another, buy various configurations of items and even speak to a sales rep if that’s what’s necessary to convert. This can be difficult to achieve – unless you’re using Revenue Cloud. If a potential customer does reach out to a sales rep, using Revenue Cloud ensures that person has all the information necessary to provide the kind of help and assistance that will close the deal. With Revenue Cloud, every aspect of the self-service experience that customers have is enjoyable.

Revenue Cloud is a no-brainer if you’re looking to gain better control of revenue – and to do more with it. From enabling new strategies for monetisation to improving the efficiency of income streams it has a lot to offer.

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