What is Salesforce Field Service and how to optimise your teams?

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What is Salesforce Field Service and how to optimise your teams?

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What is Salesforce Field Service and how to optimise your teams? - Ignyto

To put it simply, Salesforce Field Service is a tool to help you streamline your service experience. It takes all the usual innovation and ingenuity that you can expect from Salesforce and targets it at the demands of a field service environment. If you’re looking for a management tool then Salesforce Field Service is the ideal choice – and there are lots of simple ways that you can use it to optimise your field service teams.

What is Salesforce Field Service?

It’s a smart tool that gives your enterprise the opportunity to automate and integrate a range of tasks that are typically involved in field service. This can make life easier for your mobile employees, as well as for agents and dispatchers. What that means in practice is being able to do things like speed up work orders, ensure that the right person is being sent to do a job that they are suited for (and have the tools for) and that your entire team is being properly supported when it comes to information and resources. Salesforce Field Service is an increasingly important tool when it comes to customer service too. It will give your mobile employees everything that they could possibly need to go over and above what your customers expect, to lay the ground for positive ongoing relationships, going forward.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Field Service?

  • It provides a single, central location for comprehensive management of your company’s field services.
  • There are lots of opportunities to boost productivity. Salesforce Field services offers a range of ways to help your team be more productive in the field, as well as optimising workforce allocation so that your customers are always getting the best possible service.
  • It’s simple to manage and monitor with Salesforce Field Service. You’ll have real time visibility into operations so that agents and dispatchers have accurate insights and perspectives at all times.
  • Processes become faster and more efficient. Automation helps to optimise scheduling and the technology helps to improve the resolution speed of calls so that there is more time to work directly with customers.

How to optimise field service teams

  • When a work order comes in dispatchers have a complete view of customer information, asset details and warranties to improve service margins.
  • AI powered recommendations provide suggestions for best next steps, such as taking proactive actions.
  • Time is saved by using automation to automatically schedule the right jobs to the right resource.
  • Built-in automation tools allow for quick responses to changes, like shifting priorities or even traffic jams.
  • Customers can be proactively messaged to help prepare for their appointment.
  • Once dispatched, your mobile employees will have everything they need to do everything right on the first visit.
  • The business can be more responsive by quickly deploying and building solutions like remote assistance and safety checklists.

If you want to empower your field service teams from anywhere, Salesforce Field Service is the ideal way to do it.