What makes Salesforce standout from its competitors?

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What makes Salesforce standout from its competitors?

Posted by: Tom
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There is a good reason why the Salesforce CRM is constantly being recognised as the number one CRM for businesses of all sizes. It supports organisations in every aspect of customer relationship management, from sales to service and marketing. And it provides a single, centralised source for all your activity that can make it much easier to collaborate and improve the way your business approaches customer relationship management. These are some of the key features that make Salesforce CRM stand out from the competition.

  • Salesforce grows with your business. Not every CRM out there can scale effectively as you do, but Salesforce is designed to integrate across all areas of your business and is constantly being tailored and updated to meet business needs. The CRM is as ideal for a sole trader as a large, regulated company, and you don’t need an understanding of code to be able to customise it for your requirements.
  • It can be uniquely tailored to your business. It’s the customisation element of Salesforce CRM that really makes the system stand out. From custom objects to customisable screens and dashboards and branded customer-facing resources, there are lots of ways to use Salesforce to create a seamless experience for customers and optimise all the internal data and assets that your enterprise has access to.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics. This is a CRM that has been designed to help businesses optimise data and use this for better decision-making. Features such as reports and dashboards, AI-driven analytics and B2B marketing analytics give you insight, understanding and – ultimately – power.
  • A true perspective on customers. This is another example of how the centralised nature of Salesforce CRM is a real advantage because it means that teams across the organisation can work together to create a truly exceptional customer experience. This can be incredibly hard if the business is working with multiple systems, each of which is focused on a different element of the customer journey. Because Salesforce CRM unifies all information and data, it provides a truly 360-degree view and gives your team the opportunity to engage effectively with customers wherever they interact with the business.
  • A business that really values its customers. Salesforce has described its customers as “its greatest strength” and this is something that really sets it apart from many competitors. The focus is on ensuring that any enterprise can get the most out of an investment in Salesforce CRM and a whole community has built up around making this happen.
  • A values-driven company. This is another major selling point, as Salesforce focuses on trust as its top value, which means that it works hard to earn (and keep) customer trust. No matter how big or small the customer, everyone gets the same core technical resources and security and the company is totally transparent about security and service availability.

Salesforce CRM really is head and shoulders above the competition, offering a whole other level of seamless customer experience, versatility, integration and the opportunity to create real relationships to support your business growth.