What to consider when selecting a Salesforce managed service?

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What to consider when selecting a Salesforce managed service?

Posted by: Tom
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A Salesforce managed service provider can handle Salesforce activities for you and help you to ensure that the tools you’re using to optimise your IT are appropriate and properly configured. This can have a knock-on impact on many different areas of the business, from productivity through to customer service and satisfaction. If you’re going to opt for a Salesforce managed service then what do you need to consider?

Where do you need coverage?

It’s possible to find a Salesforce managed service for just about every part of Salesforce today but these tend to be some of the most common areas of coverage – make sure the provider you’re looking at can give you what you need.

  • Strategy and implementation – looking at what the business actually needs and designing the appropriate solution from Salesforce products, before implementing it.
  • Consulting – working with the business’ specific requirements and configuring them in Salesforce, customising where appropriate.
  • Admin – ensuring the system is functioning well, patched, bug-free, etc.
  • Ongoing support – helping you iron out any issues once Salesforce is in use.
  • Custom apps or workflows – to ensure that you’re getting the most out of Salesforce when it comes to your business’ needs.
  • Integration with other apps or legacy systems – to ensure seamless functioning.
  • Handling data and documenting data management – this could relate to policies, backups or configuring reports and dashboards.
  • Training – to ensure that you’re optimising the way that your business uses its tech.

What are the benefits of a Salesforce managed service?

This is one of the most important considerations when it comes to selecting a Salesforce managed service – what are the benefits that it’s likely to generate for your business?

  • Streamlining costs. Working with a Salesforce managed service provider you’ll pay a single, flat fee per month to cover all your needs. This tends to be a more predictable cost and much easier to manage than multiple monthly bills.
  • Getting the most from your Salesforce investment. The experts can help you to ensure that you’re correctly using all the features that could benefit your business, from workflows to automation.
  • Features, updates, and releases. A Salesforce managed service provider handles all this admin for you so that you don’t need to allocate it to someone within the business, or worry that it’s not getting done.
  • Security and continuity. When you’re working with the experts you know you’re covered when it comes to minimising vulnerabilities and anything that could cause downtime further down the line.
  • Much more time-efficient. All your Salesforce management is handled in one place by those who have the expertise to do this effectively. No need to waste time on finding – or hiring – people to deal with this internally.
  • Simple to scale. Your Salesforce partner can help you to scale and be much more responsive, no matter what the circumstances your business finds itself in.
  • Straightforward compliance. Whether it’s regulation or industry standards, a Salesforce Managed Service provider will help you to ensure best practices are being met.

When you’re looking at a Salesforce managed service provider, this is what you need to consider.