Why businesses continue to invest in Salesforce Sales Cloud?

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Why businesses continue to invest in Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Posted by: Tom
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Why businesses continue to invest in Salesforce Sales Cloud - Ignyto

There are lots of advantages to investing in Salesforce for your business. Working with Salesforce Sales Cloud means improved customer connection for the entire enterprise, no matter where employees are. It’s the ultimate tool for agile working models as well as office-based businesses. From capturing leads to responding quickly to customers and closing deals, everything can be effectively managed via Salesforce Sales Cloud. These are just some of the benefits to making this investment for your business in 2023.

  • A boost to your sales revenue. The cumulative impact of all the improvements that you can make right across the business with Salesforce Sales Cloud can significantly increase overall sales revenue. Salesforce Sales Cloud supports everything, from a sales team that is more efficient and effective to streamlined sales processes and being able to tap into all the tools and insights that this software has. The end result is a boost to sales revenue – on average, for Salesforce customers, this is a boost of 37%.
  • Close more deals and win more customers. Salesforce Sales Cloud is ideally designed to support your business in doing business better. You’ll have a powerful 360-degree view of all your customers, which is the kind of insight that enables any business to build stronger and more effective relationships with consumers. Salesforce Sales Cloud also provides timely action reminders so that your team is always taking steps at the right moment and you don’t miss out on opportunities to connect and engage. Plus, Salesforce Sales Cloud has a broad spectrum of collaboration tools that make it simple for teams to be more in tune and work together to help deliver great customer experiences that close deals. For example, the average Salesforce customer sees a 43% improvement in lead rate conversion due to implementing Salesforce.
  • Optimise customer relationships. When it comes to opportunities to upsell and cross-sell it’s simple to do this with Salesforce Sales Cloud. This can support growth in the business and help to drive an expanded customer base with more robust brand loyalty.
  • Build a more efficient team. There are so many features in Salesforce Sales Cloud that support efficiency – any sales team can streamline operations so that more time and effort goes into selling and less on time-consuming manual tasks and admin. For example, there is a wealth of opportunities to use process and system automation with Salesforce Sales Cloud – this not only takes the pressure off staff by reducing admin burdens but also leads to better decision-making and smarter business choices that generate higher profits. The average Salesforce customer sees a 44% improvement in sales productivity with the software, i.e. the amount of time that is being spent on productive sales activities.

There are many ways in which any business can benefit from investing in Salesforce Sales Cloud. Improving efficiency, boosting revenue and creating stronger and more profitable customer relationships are just a few of the most important and impactful.

Using Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can now manage the entire customer journey, from capturing and responding to leads in record time, to managing deals to right to closing. Contact Ignyto to discuss how we can help you implement Salesforce Sales Cloud today.