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Salesforce Field Service

Posted by: Ryan Groves
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salesforce field service

What it is:

As the name may suggest it’s Salesforce’s field service solution – a job management platform with live collaboration capabilities. For any companies that employ, manage and send out field agents to carry out a range of professional services, it acts as a central location to manage their teams rather than dealing with everything manually.


Why is it important / Business Value:

Engineer call-outs, repairs and installations are something that hasn’t shown any sign of decreasing in importance or frequency of need. However, as technologies have continued to evolve, so to have the repairs, system errors and checks required. With customers often needing to request to work from home on even use holiday to ensure someone is around for engineers, it becomes business-critical that any appointment can be completed in one go.


Where appropriate:

Through Field Service Lightning (FSL), everyone involved in the job has access to job information, insight, previous job notes whilst ensuring the right person is sent to the right job, at the right time whilst managing schedules in-app. Having all this information and ability to prepare has seen an increase in efficiency, with some companies seeing a 48% faster case resolution time due to the technicians being fully prepared ahead of the job and the logistics being taken care of to leave the engineer free to focus on the task at hand.


Considerations of application:

At face value it may seem that Field Service Lightning is the essential tool for the mobile agents however the same case can be made for your customers as well. The tool can act as a customer-facing service by allowing customers to book visits, virtual and in-person appointments all through a customer-centric portal – not only giving visibility for the management team but also customers, providing updates on their engineer’s journey to them and actions on the repair.


How to apply it:  

The main thing to consider is at what scale to insert FSL into your business, obviously different size businesses, based on users required and the integration of other Salesforce services will all factor into which is the right package to use.

With Service Console, Customer Community and Einstein AI integration it might be difficult to know where to start but also what level of Field Service Lightning you and your business will need, at least to start with. We’re here to help you help your customers. Get in touch with one of our team and we can discuss your needs, current levels of customer support and together find the right level of Field Service Lightning to get you started on your way to complete customer service whilst reducing, even removing the need for repeat customer appointments.