What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is the premier digital marketing platform, empowering marketers to drive best-in class customer journeys. Create consumer-centric, 1:1 interactions at scale while allowing your marketing teams to be more efficient and more effective. Equally as powerful is Marketing Cloud’s AI capabilities – leveraged to discover and identify patterns within data and ultimately drive better consumer engagement.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Increase marketing-driven revenue

Leveraging the #1 Marketing platform for intelligent customer journeys, customers are able to quickly drive and track greater results in engagement, customer experience, and most importantly – revenue.

Enhance your brand, measurably

Cultivate a consumer-first brand identity that can be translated simply and effectively from signup to conversion. Throughout iterations and testing, easily track and report on results of various communication methods and strategies.

Communicate omni-channel

Whether email, SMS, social, or digital advertising – Marketing Cloud is the go-to tool to deliver consistent, personalised, and timely communications. Such effective communication grows brand recognition, increases customer loyalty, and drives ultimate success!

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Typical improvements

Customers on average experienced the following improvement after they implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • 23% increase in marketing ROI.
  • 28% faster campaign deployment.
  • 44% increase in lead volume.