What is Salesforce Pardot?

Pardot (part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud) is an easy to use suite of tools designed for businesses selling products or services to other businesses (B2B) or businesses selling to consumers (B2C) with a complex or drawn out sales process.

According to the Salesforce Pardot 2015 Customer Relationship Survey, customers who use Salesforce see:

  • An average 34% increase in sales revenue
  • 48% increase in marketing productivity
  • 37% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness
  • 38% increase in prospect engagement

Benefits of Salesforce Pardot

Generate high-quality leads

Pardot’s easy-to-use lead generation tools keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads.

Create personalized, targeted emails

Optimize deliverability rates, target each email to a specific audience, and test the success rate of your email content.

Calculate marketing ROI

Discover the true ROI of your marketing efforts with closed-loop reporting. Gain insight into campaign success, the health of your sales funnel, and more.

Typical improvements

Salesforce customers on average experienced the following improvement after they implemented Salesforce.

  • 34% increase in sales revenue.
  • 48% increase in marketing productivity.
  • 37% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • 38% increase in prospect engagement.

Client Testimonials of Salesforce Pardot