What is a Salesforce Experience Cloud?

With Salesforce Experience Cloud and choosing igntyo to implement Salesforce for your business, you could see an increase in Sales and a way to delight your Customers with world class customer service.

Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud is for everyone critical to your business

Build Communities and portals faster than ever to connect with your customers, collaborate with partners, and engage your employees easier than was possible before. Work closer with agencies, vendors, suppliers, job applicants, and even retail locations.

Engage with your Customers in a whole new way

With Salesforce Customer Community you can now provide world class customer service. You allow customers help themselves and each other with Salesforce’s rich self-service experience and online community software. Your customers can even make purchases in your Community!

Maximise revenue from your reseller channel and help your partners to close more deals faster

Turbo Charge your sales channels with Salesforce Partner Community. Partners are kept up to date with product and marketing information in ways never before possible. They register new leads, update records, and collaborate with your experts enabling them to close more deals more quickly.

Typical improvements

Salesforce customers on average experienced the following improvement after they implemented Salesforce.

  • 48% faster customer / support Case Resolution.
  • 45% increase in Customer Satisfaction.
  • 43% percent increase in Partner Sales.
  • 48% percent increase in Employee Engagement.

Client Testimonials of Sales Cloud