Benefits of a Salesforce Managed Service by Ignyto:

1. Save Money: You will no longer need to hire full-time Salesforce resource internally

2. Security & Compliance: Ignyto will provide specialist Data and Security advice, whilst working with you to create a comprehensive plan to secure and backup not only your data but also your system configuration. This ensures business continuity and reduces the risk of data breaches, loss or corruption.

3. Business Goals: Taking time to understand your business so we can advise on a successful Salesforce strategy that allows you to deliver your business goals

4. Training and Support: Training for  your Salesforce users, monitor adoption and to provide support as it is needed

5. Best Practices: Health checks and system audits completed by experienced Salesforce consultants to highlight any potential issues and make recommendations on how to resolve them

6. New Features: Recommend new relevant Salesforce features which can support your business goals

7. Future-Proofing: Help you maintain and scale your Salesforce instance to ensure it fulfils your changing business needs

After a Salesforce implementation your business won’t stand still and neither will Salesforce. Your users will need training, your managers will need to ensure your employees are adopting the system in the right way and your leadership team will need advice on how Salesforce can support your evolving business needs.

Bucket of Hours & Monthly Support Hours

Bronze Package

The bronze level service includes support for the most common Salesforce areas & components. For example, creating and updating reports, user management, managing roles & profiles, and enhancing page layouts.

Bronze Package Services:

  • Core Cloud Support
  • Standard Org Branding
  • Salesforce Browser Apps
  • Multi Currency
  • Rename Tabs & Labels
  • Salesforce1 Configuration
  • Create Actions & Buttons
  • Data Migration of Clean & Prepared Data Files
  • Create / Update Users, Profiles, Custom Fields, Reports, Dashboards, Email Templates, Lead Assignment Rules, Home Pages, Page Layouts & Case Assignments
Bucket of Hours & Monthly Support Hours

Silver Package

The silver level service covers all the areas supported by the bronze level but also allows us to support you in extending the functionality of your Salesforce environment with custom objects, automation, and 3rd party applications.

Silver Package Services (Plus everything in the Bronze package):

  • Pardot Support
  • 3rd Party AppExchange App Setup
  • Approval Process
  • Custom Object Development
  • Import Cleaned Data
  • Update existing standard community templates
  • Create / Update Approval Process, Workflow Rules, Processes via Process Builder, Custom Objects
Bucket of Hours & Monthly Support Hours

Gold Package

The gold level service covers all the areas supported by the silver & bronze levels but also allows us to support your integrations and requirements that may require custom code. The gold level also means we can support the following clouds; Revenue Cloud (CPQ), Marketing Cloud, Vlocity, and FSL

Gold Package Services (Plus everything in the Bronze & Silver package):

  • Marketing Cloud Support
  • User Adoption Service
  • Release Management
  • Developer support (APEX, LWCs)
  • Integration Support (Salesforce Side only - Maximum amount of hours per month applies)
Proactive Consulting & Monthly Support Hours

Platinum Package:

The monthly release package is a proactive service whereby a dedicated managed service lead from Ignyto plans out how to best use the monthly hours to help you achieve your business objectives. These enhancements are packaged up into monthly releases & deployed at the end of each month.

This package generally consists of the following approach:
  • An initial kick-off to establish ways of working, communication plans, and to get an understanding of your business objectives.
  • An initial audit of your Salesforce environment that allows us to identify improvement areas & 'quick wins'
  • Quarterly business reviews that allow us to track progress against your objectives
  • Generating, maintaining & delivering a backlog of enhancements that are prioritised in to monthly releases.